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health checkups you should not miss

5 Health Checkups You Should Not Miss

Staying healthy requires a conscious effort every day to effectively get good results. Your choices like the food you eat, what you drink, and how you care for yourself physically can make a huge difference in overall health. Living a healthy lifestyle is the most important for preventing diseases, staying fit, prolonging lifespan, and saving money. That said, do also remember your annual health checks, as they can give you insight into your health status and help you detect problems early. I know there are many, but here are six annual health checkups you should not miss.

Eye and Ear Examinations

For optimal eye health, visit your optometrist every two years for a complete exam. When going in for your eye exam, be prepared with questions or concerns. For example, if you have blurry vision, headaches, or itchy eyes, be forthright with your optometrist so nothing gets missed. Do bring records of any previous prescriptions and medications if you have them. Also remember, eye examinations become more important as you get older. 

When it comes to hearing, for adults under 50 if you don’t have any known hearing issues, a hearing check every 3-5 years might be sufficient. For adults 50 and older, hearing checks should be more frequent, ideally once every 1-3 years. As you age, the risk of hearing loss increases. Issues like tinnitus can also crop up, and a hearing aid for tinnitus masking can be used to reduce the symptoms. 

Cancer Screening

For women, routine checks like mammograms and pap smears can help detect some cancers in their early stages as well as inform you of any changes or abnormalities. Other cancer tests recommended for women over the age of 45 and after menopause by the American Cancer Society are colon and endometrial. Additionally, women over 50 might be encouraged to get screened for lung cancer if the risks are high. 

Blood Pressure Checks

health checkups you should not missHypertension is known as a silent killer among both men and women because of its elusive nature. Though it can lead to death in itself, it can also be responsible for other serious conditions. For example, kidney malfunctions, stroke risk, and cardiovascular problems are known to stem from high blood pressure. Getting your blood checked regularly helps you and your doctor detect hyper or hypotension early before it escalates.

During your appointment, your healthcare professional will measure your blood pressure with a cuff, pump, and a dial. If your pressure is consistently higher or lower than an optimal BP of 120/80 mmHg, you may want to investigate reasons it could be off. Your doctor can help you enforce certain lifestyle changes like a good diet, exercise, and stress management to help you obtain better health. You could also invest in a personal BP cuff to keep track at home.

Dental Checkups

Speaking of health checkups you should not miss, don’t forget about your teeth. Keeping up with oral/dental exams is one of the simple things you can do to keep a healthy, vibrant smile. Additionally, dental hygiene like flossing and brushing your teeth is not only important for good teeth but can help prevent serious ailments. This is why it is vital to visit a local dentist for checkups and cleanings. They can also look for signs of oral cancer, which is a must if you smoke. It is recommended to visit a dentist once or twice a year, depending on the state of your dental health.

Mental Health Checks

When was the last time you thought about how you’re doing mentally? If you can’t remember, maybe it’s time to have a check-in with someone who understands the warning signs of a mental health crisis. Understand that your psychological wellness plays a unique part in every aspect of your life. Unchecked poor mental health can lead to chronic anxiety, eating disorders, erratic thinking, and commonly, depression and anxiety.

Mental health problems can arise from diverse situations or circumstances, such as the loss of a loved one, childhood trauma, chronic illness, or severe stress. Booking an annual appointment with a psychologist or therapist can help you gain more awareness of your emotions. You can get professional help to minimize negative thinking or specifically what’s bothering you.

Though these checks might not all apply to you, do talk to your doctor about which ones do. The time spent caring about your overall health is worth it and can, in some cases, extend your life. Be consistent and consider these health checkups you should not miss

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. Women’s lifelink, its owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors, and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.


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