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5 Tips For Creating A Productive Home Workspace

When it comes to working from home, having a productive workspace is vital to success, especially if you’re a business owner. This space needs to be comfortable, convenient, well-lit, quiet, and have strong WiFi. While it may be tempting to work from your couch, bed, or even your dining table, it’s much more constructive to designate a separate area for business activities. Making this workspace doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are some helpful tips for creating a  productive home workspace.

Be Clear About What You Need

This is especially crucial if you’re a small business owner who works in all the departments of your business such as emails, marketing, photography, packaging, and everything else.  Even if you’re getting your home business started for the first time, your workspace needs to reflect your goals and commitment. You’ll first need to think about where in your home will suit your needs. If you have a family, consider their needs as well, especially if they need to share the space with you.

Ask yourself questions that clarify your needs as well as anyone else who will use the space. Make a list of all of your daily work tasks and their space and tool requirements. For example, what do you need to create spreadsheets or perform other clerical tasks? Do you need large equipment like a table, copier, multiple computer screens, etc? Do your kids need to use your desk space for their homework, too?

Create a Work Only Zone

This work-only zone can be a small corner of your room that features a desk, chair, and lamp. It’s easier for your mind to focus if you have a specific spot that represents work only. When selecting this designated workspace, you should also think about what could potentially derail you from your work. If you’re someone who gets easily distracted, make it somewhere that is not prone to noise and high traffic. 

Set a Budget and Stick to It

While many home offices can be decked out with fancy new chairs, desks, and office equipment, it’s not necessary to go all out if you don’t have the money. After all, the goal is to simply give yourself space to get your work done. You can always finish it with all the bells and whistles later on if money is tight at first. You can use something as simple as a bookshelf, desk, container, or rolling cart to keep all your important work-related products in. I have found some amazing used items at flea markets and thrift stores to furnish my home offices. 

Consider Your Comfort

Do prioritize your comfort in this space, as it could be occupied for many hours during your day. It’s no different than if you worked in an office outside of the home. You want to have a comfortable chair and desk that doesn’t put stress on your back if you sit for long periods of time. Dealing with aches or pains will cause you to be less productive and even resentful. Productivity is so important for taking care of basic tasks as well as extra things like research, writing, and creating things like a  continuity plan, hiring goals, and tweaking a current business plan.

Stay Organized

Keeping the clutter out of your workspace is imperative for working from home. Chaos in your area is a constant reminder that you are at home, that you are a mom, and that other things need to be dealt with. The problem is if you’re distracted by this enough, your workflow will stop and productivity will decline quickly. Clean and declutter your area as frequently as you can. Do also set rules if others have access to this space.


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