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8 Simple Ways To Ease Back Pain

Back pain can make doing just about everything harder if not impossible. Whether you’re experiencing chronic problems or periodically, do know there are things you can do to ease back pain. Some of the simplest steps could be the ones that make a difference for you. In fact, back pain is often attributed to repetitive activities and a lack of others. Let’s take a look at some of my top tips to nix that back pain!

Take a Warm Bath

Taking a bath eases muscle spasms and helps you to relax. However, don’t make it too hot, as this can backfire with certain types of inflammation, such as that from an injury. You could include essential oils, salts, and other remedies to the bath to up the healing properties. For example, Epsom salt is known to ease muscle spasms and tension. This is because it is actually a form of magnesium that causes a calming effect on the body. Which brings me to the next tip…

Use Magnesium Spray 

Magnesium spray is a good choice for those who have specific areas that cause problems. Spraying it on after a bath or shower will help it to absorb easier and more quickly. Using it in addition to oral supplements can give you an added boost of magnesium, as most people are deficient in this important mineral. Check with your doctor about doing a panel to see what your mag level is. Low levels could be adding to back pain.

I have used topical magnesium for supplementation and painful areas. I am pretty sensitive to it, so I don’t use a lot of it. If it causes itching or mild burning, simply use less of it and apply lotion immediately after.

Get a Professional Assessment

If your back pain is impacting your life in a serious way, it could be time to visit a professional to be assessed. A chiropractor can assess your mobility, flexibility, and look for any problem areas. He/she will use manual manipulation and other natural techniques to gently move you into alignment and better health. Remember, healing takes time, so you likely won’t have complete relief after one visit. You might also receive advice about an exercise or physical therapy plan specifically for your situation.

Hot and Cold Therapy 

Hot and cold therapy can help when you’ve hurt or strained your back. Cold therapy keeps inflammation down for the first day or two, after which you can switch between hot and cold compresses to ease soreness. Try a pack that allows you to freeze and also heat in the microwave. Your chiropractor can also give advice on using this type of therapy.

Get Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is restorative to the whole body and especially important when you have extra stress or injuries. That said, I know that back pain can keep you up at night. Work on creating a sleep-inducing atmosphere in your room. Make it as dark and cool as possible, and don’t use electronics too close to bedtime. Using a body pillow could also ensure that you’re sleeping in the right position and keeping everything in alignment. 

Find Ways to Relieve Stress

If you’re stressed, whether caused by pain or otherwise, it’s important to find ways to manage it effectively. In fact, stress could be a huge culprit in the trigger of chronic back pain. Some women make meditating, reading, and gentle walking a part of their daily routine to limit stress. Having these types of activities help bring your focus away from pain. Music can also be healing and invoke a more positive mindset.


Though you might feel like lying around all day when your back hurts, it may not be the best option for some types of back issues. It’s altogether possible that a part of the problem might be in leading a sedentary lifestyle. So, unless you’ve been advised to do nothing by a professional, I recommend moving as much as you can. Simple stretching, walking, swimming, yoga, and other gentle activities can promote greater flexibility and blood flow to weak areas.  Ask your healthcare practitioner for a list of recommended exercises for your situation.

Foam Roller and Rubber Ball

There are methods you can use at home to ease the pain in your back. One of my favorites is using a foam roller to loosen up tight back muscles. Used regularly, these simple devices can help to prevent spasms and chronic problems. In addition to using the roller, try using a small rubber ball in trigger areas to break up spasms. It might be a little tender at first, but it gets better as your body responds to gentle pressure. I’ve even been known to work out spasms with the edge of a door frame…lol. 

Overall, easing back pain can be fairly simple by using any of these remedies. Do talk to your doctor if your pain worsens or does not go away. Because everyone is different, you will likely have to experiment to find what works best for you. Don’t give up, there is an answer.

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. Women’s lifelink, it’s owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors, and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.

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