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Researchers Possibly Link Vitamin D Deficiency with Asthma

I recently read yet another article on vitamin D that boasted about its health properties and how the lack of the important nutrient can lead to poor health and even disease.  I’m sure that most of you know someone with Asthma or have the disease yourself.  Well, listen up; according to reports from Harvard, the Medical University of South Carolina, and the Hospital Nacional de  Ninos in San Jose, Costa Rica, there may be a strong link between the common respiratory ailment and lack of vitamin D.

Dr. Tedd Mitchell said in the article that featured in Health Smart, a weekly newspaper column, that the study included “616 asthmatic kids, ages 6-14, and found that low levels of vitamin D were associated with higher levels of IgE and eosinophils (both are markers of the immune activity).  Also, the children with higher levels of vitamin D were less likely to have required treatment in the year before  the evaluation.”

As well, “John Brehm, MD, from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and colleagues found that low vitamin D levels were associated with more asthma hospitalizations in the previous year, more airway hyperactivity in lung function tests, more use of anti-inflammatory asthma medications like inhaled steroids in the previous year, and higher blood levels of allergy markers.”  Though the research suggests the connection, more tests need to be conducted on the subject for a definitive conclusion.

I wasn’t at all surprised by the possible link.  Since I increased my own vitamin D intake, my mild, adult onset asthma has nearly subsided completely.  I no longer need Advair daily and haven’t used an Albuterol inhaler for over a year.  If anyone else out there has had substantial health changes due to higher vitamin D levels, please post your comments.  We need to spread the word about the simple change that can make a huge difference in your health.  Also, see http://www.womenslifelink.com/vitamin-d-a-missing-link-in-our-health/ for more information on vitamin D.

The content in this article is strictly meant to be  informational and is not to replace advice from your health care provider.  Women’s Life Link does not claim that any of the information provided will lead to a cure or improvement of any disease or condition.

Resources: http://www.webmd.com/asthma/news/20090424/low-vitamin-d-linked-to-severe-asthma, Health Smart, USA Weekend, May 29-31, 2009.

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