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2 Life-Changing Treatments For Greater Wellness

As an adult, you have life aspirations, maybe even a bucket list to check off before you reach a certain age. These aspirations make life worth living by motivating you to overcome challenges and live your best life. Hence, to accomplish your goals, you need good health and a positive lifestyle. A quality life is a happy life, and everybody wants a piece of it. So, while you’re making positive lifestyle changes for your physical health, remember to take care of yourself mentally through mindful exercises like meditation for holistic wellness. Personally, I have also found that the following two treatments have helped me to eliminate pain and feel more relaxed. 

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment that aims to target conditions like headaches and soft tissue damages at the core energetic pathways. It’s a form of physiotherapy that uses microneedles to puncture the body’s critical areas called acupuncture points. The acupuncture points then trigger your body to fight pain and other conditions for optimal function by helping the body to release and move pent-up energy. 

As a pain remedy, an acupuncturist can also insert needles in your acupuncture points to help stimulate endorphins for quick healing and pain relief. Also, it manages tissue and muscle pain by increasing blood flow and triggering your body’s natural pain relievers. Hence, balancing your body’s natural energy and functions.

Acupuncturists believe that this treatment can help to restore mobility resulting from injuries and conditions like arthritis. Know that this type of treatment might require multiple sessions over a period of time, especially if you have had long-term conditions.

You should know there is a distinct difference between Chinese acupuncture and the type that stems from western medicine. Traditional Chinese acupuncture is believed to restore the flow of Qi or energy to the body. Western acupuncture is more based on a medical diagnosis that points to certain nerves, meridians, and other conclusions from medical tests. There are also multiple forms of acupuncture within both traditional Chinese and western medical practices. Do your research before choosing which type of acupuncture best suits your beliefs and needs.

Chiropractic Treatment

I don’t know what I would have done for the last 25 years without regular chiropractic treatments. It has relieved pain, corrected past injuries, and even helped with staying flexible. I have realized over this long period just how important having an aligned spine is. After all, the spine houses your spinal cord and part of your central nervous system. It has the all-important function of communicating with the rest of your body. So you can deduce how small misalignments can affect your overall health.

Chiropractic care is not only excellent for maintaining overall health but also a superior method to control or eliminate pain due to illness or injury. Essentially, chiropractic adjustments and therapies aim to realign joints, release tension, and improve muscle restrictions for better movement and systemic functions. You’ll also be happy to know that consistent chiropractic can help prevent future injuries and other conditions.

If you decide to try one of these treatments, don’t forget to talk to your primary physician. Additionally, eat a healthful diet, exercise regularly, sleep well, and drink plenty of water for optimal health. All of these things together are pillars that hold up a well-rounded body, mind, and spirit.


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