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3 Benefits Of Using An All-Natural Tooth Whitener

There are many factors that cause teeth discoloration but some are more common. These include drinking coffee, tea, and red beverages, smoking, aging and the excessive use of fluoride. Yes, that last one may be surprising to you. After all, isn’t fluoride supposed to be healthy for your teeth, according to dentists? Though I’m not going to go into the details of that debate here, I recommend that you do some research on the use of fluoride and its origin. I think you might reevaluate your opinion on it and start looking into the benefits of using an all-natural tooth whitener.

Choosing the best natural tooth whitener for you and your family might take some trial and error. Some are pleasant tasting and some are not. Also, consider the ingredients used to make an all-natural whitener determines how effective and safe it is for use. Remember to always check with your healthcare providers before trying new health practices. Here are some benefits you might love about going natural!

Benefits of Using an All-Natural Tooth Whitener #1: Antimicrobial Properties

Some natural teeth whiteners have antimicrobial properties. This is essential for good oral hygiene as well as gum health. One such ingredient is coconut oil and is considered one of the best natural teeth whiteners. Using it regularly can help maintain good oral hygiene, whiten your teeth, and also help prevent bad breath. Also, coconut oil has no side effects when ingested. In fact, it helps to control the growth of bad gut bacteria while encouraging the growth of good bacteria. Its effectiveness is enhanced when combined with activated charcoal. There are whitening strips made of activated charcoal and coconut oil that are effective in whitening the teeth without causing the harsh side effects that the chemical ones do. They are recommended for people who want to whiten their teeth naturally.

Benefits Of Using An All-Natural Tooth Whitener #2: Eliminates Toxins

Proven research shows that activated charcoal absorbs toxins that can be harmful to health. There are many toxins found in the mouth and are increased by poor oral hygiene. Using activated charcoal after each meal is effective in controlling bacteria and toxins. 

Benefits Of Using An All-Natural Tooth Whitener #3: Safety

It is important to shop wisely for teeth whitening products. Some dentists recommend the use of natural teeth whiteners as they have no side effects, however, some don’t. This is a decision you really need to make for yourself. And, remember, just because a professional says something is OK, doesn’t mean it is. Using whiteners that contain harsh bleaching agents corrode your enamel and eventually weaken teeth. That is why opting for natural teeth whiteners that contain ingredients such as coconut oil and activated charcoal is a valid option.

There are many other natural teeth whitening remedies as well. They include apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. You should be careful though to use products that do not corrode the enamel. This weakens the teeth. Coconut oil and activated charcoal are considered safe and effective natural teeth whiteners. They do not cause any side effects and can be used regularly. Remember proper oral hygiene, combined with natural and effective oral hygiene products are essential for healthy gums and whiter teeth.


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