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3 Constructive Tips For Working From Home

It’s no secret that working from home has become the norm for countless women around the world since the pandemic.  Though the changes to our society have shaken us to the core, some interesting things have come about. Many of us are now working from home- a situation that has benefits for both employers and employees. It has cut down on the cost of space and supplies for businesses. And the savings on commute time and cost has been substantial for workers.  That’s not to mention how much better it’s been for the planet. That said, there are some cons to working from home as well. It can pose a challenge to focus and follow through. If you’ve done it before for any length of time, you know what I’m talking about.

Additionally, while you are cutting down on commute time, you have likely asked rhetorical questions like, “what is latency? Why is my computer not working? How do I fix a broken motherboard after I throw it at a wall? OK, so maybe your remote working experience isn’t as dramatic as all that but just saying… Take a breath.

Let’s talk about some constructive tips for working from home.

Minimize Social Media Distractions

working from homeEnding social media distraction is not so easy to do even at the office, let alone if you work from home. If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling during work hours, it’s time to nip that in the bud. Consider putting yourself on an SM schedule that only allows you to visit your accounts at certain times of the day. Also, try shutting off the notifications for SM accounts while you’re working. Ask people from work to email, text, or call you about issues and questions. For family and friends, do a check-in if you must, but try to limit personal correspondence via SM. 

Guard Your Time

While you are working from home, it’s important to guard your time efficiently. This can be a tough thing, especially if you supervise others or you have children at home. Keeping a good schedule and sticking to it is one way to help you stay on track with work projects. Make sure everyone knows what to expect from you and this new schedule. Here are several specific things you can do to guard your time.

 Remember, you can politely say no to attending a meeting if it’s not necessary and your day is already full. You can even discuss how your time would be better spent if you didn’t have to attend.

  • Make a priority list

Though I’m not completely structured, I do love a good list. Lists can get overwhelming, so don’t make them too long or unachievable. It’s best to write down the important things and leave the rest for another day if you are in crunch time.

  • Set boundaries

Make sure to set appropriate physical boundaries with your family. They need to know where they can go and where they can’t. Younger children might struggle to understand this, so be clear and give them visuals to look at. Signs and notes can be very effective.

Ready Yourself As You Would for the Office

I highly recommend that you get up and get ready in the morning as if you were leaving the house for work. Yes, groom yourself, put on your makeup, and dress well. Doing this helps you feel confident and motivated to do your work. It gives you a sense of normality that encourages a schedule. Also, you never know who will show up at your door or call for a video conference…J/S





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