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dating someone with ADHD

4 Tips For Dating Someone With ADHD

What do you do if the person you are dating or have fallen in love with has ADHD? Well, if your significant other has had a positive result after adhd testing, it’s nothing to freak out about. ADHD is common and quite manageable. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can affect people differently, but some common symptoms seem to be consistent. Knowing this allows you to understand and prepare yourself for the relationship.

As their partner, it’s important that you are there for them and learn everything you can about the condition and how to navigate it. Things like working on patience and listening are essential. Remembering that you are their partner and not their parent will help as well.

To help you with dating someone with ADHD, below we discuss in more detail some things you need to know.

Work on Patience 

dating someone with ADHDWhen dating someone with ADHD it’s important to be as patient as possible with them, especially while communicating. There will be situations when it’s harder to be patient, however, remember their behavior isn’t likely about you. To improve patience, work on your listening and communication skills. This will help you to stay more balanced as you support your partner. Mindfulness also helps with reducing your stress levels. Deep breathing helps to slow things down if you feel pressure or strong emotions. Try to recognize when you aren’t being patient and take some time to calm down or think about things from a different perspective.

Let Things Go 

If you love someone, letting things go instead of blowing them out of proportion can sometimes extinguish tempers and frustration. When your partner isn’t having the best day, remember they aren’t trying to upset or frustrate you. They are trying to cope and navigate their feelings the best they can. Try not to hold onto anger and missteps. If something isn’t that big of a deal, let it go and focus on building your relationship together.

Establish a Support Network 

When you are having a bad day and not able to cope easily, it’s important to reach out to those you trust. Having a support network is important as it helps you rationalize your thoughts and reduce tension. Going it alone could be detrimental to your mood, as you could bottle up emotions that make things worse. You might even decide to try couples counseling as a way to grow together.

Create Boundaries 

Creating boundaries in all relationships is a good way to create balance in your life. Having boundaries with your partner is even more important if they have a condition like ADHD. Understanding what is expected allows you to build respect and healthfully show love. Boundaries aren’t just for you to set either. It’s important you both set them and do your best to respect them. 

As with any romantic relationship, this partnering will take time and patience to master. Treat them with respect, and don’t forget yourself along the way. Do you have any additional tips for dating someone with ADHD?  Let us know in the comments below. 


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