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3 Fun Ways To Unwind As A Mom

Parenting can be one of the most stressful and challenging jobs on the planet. What’s more, with the time demands working moms face, finding time to unwind and destress is even more difficult. However, it’s imperative to make time to relax to keep physical, emotional and mental health in check. Even if we can find just 10 minutes after the kids go to bed, being purposeful with quiet time makes a huge difference. Here are a few fun ways to unwind as a mom.

Fun Ways To Unwind As A Mom #1: Adult Activities

Let’s face it, dealing with the needs of children all day or even part-time can stress the most talented moms. Truthfully, we can get buried in the creative thought and action it takes to entertain, feed, clothe, and educate them. But what about what mom needs? Yeah, we forget about ourselves, trying to be super mom all the time. Here’s the deal: we have to take care of ourselves if we want to be our best for others. Consider the following adult activities…

Have Sex: Yes, engaging in sex either with your partner or by yourself is a perfect way to release built up tension and stress. This is especially true if you have not been able to spend any time with your significant other lately. Make a point to plan special time together, and don’t let the kids take this time from you. Well, unless there is an emergency, of course…lol.

Vape: Though I don’t condone smoking, consider vaping instead. I know many moms who have been able to quit smoking cigarettes with quality vaping oils and equipment. You can get everything you need to get started from places like Ultimate Juice online. I also recommend looking for a local vape bar that will let you try different flavors.

Watch A Movie Or Show Your Kids Can’t: Simply doing something that your kids can’t, might be enough to bring you back to a peaceful state. And, they may be able to understand and accept, “No, you can’t watch this because it’s for adults” more than just saying, “I need some private time.”

Fun Ways To Unwind As A Mom #2: Hobbies

Listen to or Make Music: Listening to music on a pair of high-quality headphones is an excellent way to kick back and relax. Music can be highly personal, so there is a therapeutic benefit to listening to your favorites. If you play an instrument or sing, I recommend spending a little time keeping up your talents. Simply engaging in something you are good at lifts your spirit and even releases “happy” brain chemicals.

Read: Losing yourself in a good book can be incredibly relaxing. Not only that, but it’s productive and healthy. Read what you’re interested in. Reread a literary classic you loved from your past or dig into the latest juicy crime or romance novel. The point is to have fun and lose yourself in another world for a bit.

Fun Ways To Unwind As A Mom #3: Purposeful Relaxation

Meditate: Meditation is a proven way to reduce stress, recharge, and bring focus back to an overworked mind. Though it can be difficult at first, with a bit of practice and dedication, you’ll find that meditation is worth your time. I recommend starting with just several minutes a day and work up to longer periods as time allows. Hint: teach your kids to meditate as well. You might even find it fun to do it together as a family.

Draw A Bath: There is nothing quite like getting into a warm bath after a stressful day. Bathing with additives like salts, herbs, and oils is not only therapeutic for the mind but can even increase physical health. Simply relaxing in a bath before bed can help you sleep better and deeper. Better sleep is known to be a pillar of good health all around.

Socialize or Talk: It can be easy to bottle up your feelings of stress when you are a busy mom, which is why we need to talk about it sometimes. Even if it is a simple conversation with your partner or best friend, it feels great to enjoy spending time with other people.

Parenting is a tough and demanding job which can lead to an abundance of stress. It’s vital for your mental health to find ways to unwind consistently. Doing so elevates mood and brings out the best you for your kids, partner, and the world!

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