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3 Important Training Topics For All Businesses

Though every business has specific tasks and protocols they teach their employees, there are some important training topics for every business no matter what they do or sell. All employees need to not only know how to do their jobs but some other key things to stay safe and appropriate in the workplace. Here are several that come to mind as crucial for company success and longevity.


Security breaches are obviously problematic for a business. They can lead to financial and property loss, as well as a complete shutdown. Sadly, most breaches happen due to employee negligence. This can be from someone letting unauthorized people on the premises or disregarding internet security protocols. I recommend that you have a security training program in place that is required for each employee to complete before having access to sensitive and vulnerable parts of your business. If you do not currently offer this, work on getting something put together as soon as you can.

Another option is to contact a security firm and see if they offer any type of training. Also, these SAP Litmos reviews show that you and your staff can actually undergo security training online. With online training courses, your employees will learn everything they need in their own time. As a result, you’ll have a company with fewer security issues!

Sexual Harassment and Assault

Both men and women need to have some training about what is OK in the workplace as far as matters of relationships and sexual conduct. What some think is harmless flirting or fun comments can actually be a form of sexual harassment. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately, sexual assault in the workplace happens all the time. This can occur between bosses and subordinates and also staff members. One of the big problems is that many people don’t understand what constitutes sexual assault. Male employees are particularly prone to doing or saying things that they think are fine, but are actually not. That innocent pat on the backside in passing is a form of sexual assault. And, of course, there are many worse things that can happen to unsuspecting employees.

Some extra education in this area is a necessity if you want everyone to steer clear of this type of behavior. It can even help victims of sexual assault learn how to come forward and who to approach if they ever experience an incident. 

Discrimination and Racism

Similarly to sexual harassment, discrimination, and racism in the workplace is a huge issue that doesn’t get discussed enough until someone reports it. Once more, you can also have instances where people make jokes or comments without realizing that they’re discriminatory or racist.

It’s best to educate employees about what is appropriate and legal. A case of racial or gender discrimination can cost your business financially and damage its reputation. A good training program as well as a promise from owners and managers to enforce the rules will help to develop a better company culture. It should also help you to have a more diverse workplace with equal opportunities given to every employee. 



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