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3 Life-Changing New Year’s Resolutions Worth Fulfilling

Though I believe setting worthy goals all throughout the year is serving, the new year seems to always be the favorite for mountain-moving effort. So, if you’re going to make those resolutions, I recommend focusing on some projects that will actually make a difference in your life. Otherwise, you run the risk of not following through at all. The goal is to look back in twelve months and be grateful that you made the changes. Here are a few suggestions for life-changing New Year’s resolutions worth fulfilling.

New Year’s Resolutions Worth Fulfilling #1: Overcome a Fear

As someone who recently had a car accident, I can tell you that fear holds you back from living a happy, fulfilling life. I was afraid to drive for months after the crash. There are actually still times when I shy away from driving. Overcoming my fear has been imperative to my happiness and independence. One thing that has helped is having a personal support system, including family, friends, doctors, and a personal injury lawyer.

The new year is a perfect time to chisel away at a fear that’s been holding you back from your life. It doesn’t matter how mild or serious your fear is either. I recommend making a plan that includes action steps. Also, accountability is important for this type of goal. You will be tempted to avoid doing that which is difficult and causes emotional pain. Have someone in place who will keep up on your progress and encourage your success.

New Year’s Resolutions Worth Fulfilling #2: Eat Quality Healthful Food

We are likely all guilty of setting “health” resolutions that fade into the dust around February 1st. This often happens because we try to do too much at once and get burned out. If you set this resolution, understand that making better choices will change your health. That means you don’t have to be perfect to make a difference.

You could start with something simple like meal prepping your lunches, and cooking more at home. These small shifts in your lifestyle won’t be too difficult to practice long-term. I also recommend the buddy system for any dietary changes. After all, it’s easier to prep the same meal for the entire family than two different ones.

New Year’s Resolutions Worth Fulfilling #3: Take Up a Hobby

As we age, hobbies may get left behind and replaced by work, family, and other responsibilities. This really is unfortunate because often hobbies are what makes us unique and interesting. I would say that hobbies are just as important in adulthood as they are in childhood, maybe even more.

Hobbies keep you productive, creative and learning new things. Hmmm, I’m not sure, but that sounds like what we encourage our kids to be.  As with your other resolutions, I recommend starting small as not to get overwhelmed with something new in your schedule. Choose a small block of time to explore your chosen hobby. If it’s something new, you may have to work a little harder to master it, but it will change you for the better. 

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