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3 Major Causes Of Feeling Isolated

Isolation is something that most humans feel at one time or another for varying reasons. And it can happen even when you are in a relationship, have many friends, and are with others all the time. Feeling alone can get to the best of us no matter what our life situation is. Sometimes it’s not about surrounding yourself with more people but making deeper connections with ourselves and others. Though these feelings are normal, they can get overwhelming at times. If this happens, and you need to get help, seek out someone and share what’s been happening. Here are several big reasons you might be feeling isolated.

Physical and Mental Health Problems

Anytime we go through health challenges, we can feel more alone simply because we may not be socializing as much in general. When we need time to heal, it’s important to rest and even pull ourselves away from normal life for a while. I do recommend to still find ways to connect in small ways like social media or short phone calls or emails. I’ve had to do this many times and it has helped to keep me feeling in touch with friends and family.

Additionally, certain conditions can further isolate us when we feel embarrassed or lacking in some way. With something like hearing loss, for example, you may be tired of not hearing what others are saying and feel left out. In this case, an audiology doctor can help you get the testing and tools you need to get better.

You Are an Introvert

If you live alone and seldom socialize and don’t mind it, you likely have an introverted personality type. This means that you feel energized by your alone time and can be overwhelmed by being around a lot of people. Of course, each introvert is different and will vary in the amount of social time they want or need. It’s important to know yourself and what level of isolation suits you on a regular basis. If you are wondering if you are an introvert, there are some good resources or personality quizzes online to find out. 

Keep in mind, being introverted doesn’t mean you always have to stay away from people. Do what makes you happy and find the balance that serves your life and personality.

You Are Sensitive

Sensitive people tend to feel more when they are around others. Therefore, they may get overwhelmed at social events or in crowds. Empaths (those who have the ability to sense and feel others emotions and pain) can especially be affected by the feelings of those around them. Can you imagine actually feeling someone else’s pain as though it were your own? I happen to be an empath and understand what this is like. And, yeah, it can cause you to want to be alone, at least until the emotions pass.

Being on social media too much for sensitive people can also take a toll. I recommend limiting exposure to the internet and social media if you are indeed sensitive. Schedule a small amount of time to keep up with friends and family. If there are rough topics or people are being rude, get off immediately.

In Conclusion

Feeling isolated is something we all go through, but, remember, it’s important to understand what’s happening and why if we can. Sometimes, we simply don’t know why we feel alone, and that’s OK too. Let yourself feel the emotions, but be aware if things get too bad and you need help to change it.

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