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3 Natural Shaving Creme Alternatives: Experiment And Review

There’s a multitude of reasons why empowered women choose to shave their legs. For one thing, shaved legs just feel nicer to the touch. Smooth legs also make it more comfortable to wear hose or tight pants. As a result of this penchant for smooth legs, plenty of “hacks” have developed around the process. While some women choose to opt for waxing, most of us still stick with the a trusty razor and shaving foam to get the job done. However, some women prefer to use all natural shaving creme alternatives. For my own curiosity, I decided to do a little experiment to see what options are the best. Here are the results from 3 things I tried.

Shaving Creme Alternatives #1: Olive Oil

We use shaving cream or foam to provide some slip, meaning the razor can skim over the skin rather than dragging and causing a rash. Olive oil is, of course, very slippery – so what could possibly go wrong?

Turns out, quite a lot.

The Results: Olive oil is slippery – too slippery. It’s almost impossible to guide the razor in a straight line, meaning that within  seconds it moves side to side. Sideways motion is pretty much the worst thing that can happen while a razor blade is on your skin. Cuts are inevitable with this lack of control.

Verdict: Keep the olive oil for salads; it’s got no place near your legs, at least, not while shaving!

Shaving Creme Alternatives #2: Raw Honey

Honey is medicinal and can work wonders on skin problems. Some women even incorporate it into homemade shampoos and skin products. So how does it fare when it comes to being a shaving aid?

The Results: The person that came up with the idea that we should shave clearly hates humanity. You could be using the best razor for women and it would not work with this one. Raw honey is thick and gritty, which is part of its natural “raw” status. Trying to shave with it was nearly impossible. The more I tried, the worse it got.

Verdict: Use honey for other natural products but not for shaving.

Shaving Creme Alternatives #3: Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is something we all have, and its purpose is to make anything it comes into contact with smoother. How did it fare when faced with a razor?

The Results: It worked! In fact, it might even be better than standard shaving foam. Friction is almost entirely reduced and your legs feel even smoother afterwards, thanks to the conditioning properties. If you want to axe standard creams, then this one is viable. 

Verdict: Both thumbs up for hair conditioner!

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