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3 Small Lifestyle Changes To Improve Health

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is much easier said than done for many women. We’re busy, distracted, and surrounded by influences that can impact our behavior, making it challenging to stick to the best intentions. Those hectic schedules throw heavy wrenches in our day that seem to steal the time to cook healthful meals and exercise. Convenience foods, drive-thrus, and processed junk become the norm. That said, it is possible to take worthwhile steps that make a positive impact on health and wellness. Here are some small changes you can implement into your routine that can yield big results.

Take Daily Supplements

Try as we might, being perfect when it comes to eating a healthy and balanced diet is not likely going to happen. While it’s important to make a concerted effort to eat the right number of calories, the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, foods with calcium, and more, it can be challenging to balance this and implement it into real life.

This is where supplementation can help fill gaps left in the diet. Unfortunately, however, many women don’t know what they need before taking supplements, making it an expensive guessing game. If you want to be accurate about giving your body what it needs, I highly recommend asking your doctor to do a full nutritional panel to reveal any problem areas.  You might also consider supplementing to enhance your workouts and ability to build lean muscle. Of course, these are a whole other type of supplements that you’ll want to research. Try talking to your doctor, physical trainer, nutritionist, or looking at sites like unlockedsupps.com/ for more information.

Find Enjoyable Physical Activities

Many women force themselves to go to the gym and spend hours engaging in fitness activities that fall way short of fun and enjoyable. It’s recommended that the average adult get roughly 150-minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week. Consider that this is a long time to spend doing something you’re not really invested in. While engaging in dull exercise is better than doing nothing, it sends a negative message to your brain that exercise sucks and you shouldn’t want to do it. Trust me, your brain listens…

Instead, find a form of exercise or physical activity that you enjoy and will look forward to. This could be a fitness class with friends, a team sport, dance, yoga, Pilates, swimming, cycling, or anything else that lights you up. Try a few different options to find what works best for you.

Track Your Health

Though I don’t recommend getting obsessive about your health, tracking your progress and challenges can help you to get a better idea of where you are at all times. There are plenty of different apps, health watches, and more that can monitor your progress on a day-to-day basis with minimal effort on your part. Having a record of how you’re doing can be encouraging and also help you be aware of pitfalls that leave you weary and slipping off track. These tools tend to be more than worth the minimal investment.

Bear the above information in mind and see whether you can implement it into your own health routine. Hopefully, some of the steps will really help you on your journey and make all the difference!

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. Women’s lifelink, its owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors, and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.


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