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3 Social Life Challenges To Work On

Some women struggle to maintain a healthy social life, while others seem to have the time of their lives being social. It can be challenging to identify social life challenges, but it’s important to make improvements where you can. Having a good social life can improve many aspects of life, including mental and physical health. It’s not like you can control how others act, but you can work on your own actions and the people you surround yourself with. So also remember that not everyone is good for you, and it’s not always worth being social if it means surrounding yourself with the wrong people.

Social Life Challenges to Work On

Fear of Rejection

One social life challenge is constantly being afraid that others will reject you. And, yes, I understand that these feelings are real and can’t always be stopped on demand. Social anxiety often has roots in past trauma or inner child wounds that you might not even remember. Therefore, it’s important to do the work to understand yourself and heal what you can. Some healing modalities that can help this common fear are therapy, journaling, Emotion Code, and other therapies that touch core beliefs.

Whether it’s new friends you’re looking for, or a partner, the fear of rejection can hold you back from even trying. You could speak to a social or dating coach if you feel you need structure and talk support. Another thing that could help is to take the time to focus on your hobbies to see what connections you can make while doing something you love. Having interests or passions that you can share with others will naturally make you attractive to the right people. Ultimately, feeling confident and comfortable with others is what gives solid support to your social life.

Not Reaching out to Others

If you have friends but always waiting for them to make plans, chances are, you’re hesitation is one of those social life killers you want to avoid. Take responsibility for your social life by stepping up and making plans for yourself and your friends. Do what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Host friends at your home, meet them out, or set up a few meet and greets at your favorite pub or restaurant.  Some confidence can go a long way if you’re cultivating new friendships or romantic relationships. I recommend taking baby steps if you’ve been isolating for a while. Doing too much too quickly could set you back.

Embracing Toxic Relationships

It’s not always about finding people to socialize with, but rather locating the right people who bring out the best in you. If you’ve never had quality, good friends, it can be challenging to understand how you deserve to be treated, and what a great friendship actually feels like. There could be some past trauma or grief holding you back from putting yourself out there. In this case, it might take some soul searching and healing to feel comfortable around new friends.

If you currently have toxic friends that don’t treat you well, it might be time to release them. I know this isn’t an easy task, but it’s worth it to feel safer and more like yourself. One thing I have done is write down the things I wanted in friendships, family relationships, and even a romantic partner. This helped me to see exactly what to look for so I didn’t settle for less. Now, making new friends seems easier and more fulfilling. The main key is to love yourself as much as you can so others can do the same.

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