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3 Solid Reasons You Need A Lawyer For A Divorce

Having to go through a divorce is never an easy situation. No one expects that their once happy marriage would come to an end. However, people and situations change, leaving no other option for happiness. Often when people decide to divorce, they want a fast, painless, and cheap solution. This means not including a lawyer or even getting any legal advice. Though this might work in some situations, there are some that absolutely need a third party.

Hiring a divorce lawyer doesn’t mean that you will lose control of the situation. In fact, it will help you to gain knowledge and wisdom to make better decisions in an emotional situation. Additionally, there are also certain circumstances that could arise, requiring legal assistance. Here are a few reasons you might want a lawyer for a divorce.

Understand Your Rights and the Law

Although you might be hesitant to hire a lawyer, understand that experienced divorce lawyers will know the law in your area as it applies to your situation. Every location has different divorce requirements, so unless you are confident in your ability to interpret and complete the legal paperwork properly, it would be better to hire a lawyer.

It’s a good idea to talk to a few different attorneys before you decide on one. You need to ask things like whether they are in favor of alternative dispute resolution or mediation to resolve disputes. If you don’t agree with the lawyer or don’t feel like they have enough experience, you can move on. Ask your friends and family if they have recommendations as well.

You Can’t Agree with Your Partner

One of the main reasons to get a lawyer involved in a divorce is if you can’t agree with your partner and come to a civil dissolution of the marriage. This frequently happens because it’s likely that one or both parties are angry, hurt, scared, and unsure if they are making good choices. An attorney can help mediate through the issues and help you to reach an agreement. If the arguments have put you on polar ends, it’s likely that both parties need their own lawyers.

If the situation escalates to the point of needing the appointment of a judge, your attorney will organize your case and speak on your behalf. This can make things a lot easier if you and your partner aren’t civil.

There are Minor Children Involved

When children are involved, it can make a divorce trickier. There is more work in general such as financial and custody agreements, as well as future plans that have to be put into writing. Again, depending on where you live, the state laws will differ and need to be adhered to.

Having an expert take care of the legal aspects of an extremely challenging time can make life easier for parents and children. Just because you can’t be together anymore doesn’t mean you have to have a messy divorce. Do what it takes to keep the peace and create an agreeable plan for everyone.

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