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4 Tips For Navigating A Messy Divorce

When you experience a bad break up or divorce, it affects every aspect of your life. Even if you know it’s for the best, you’re going to feel the shockwaves in your emotions, finances, children, professional life, and maybe even your health. It’s important to take steps to protect yourself and your wellbeing throughout the process. Here are just a few tips for navigating a messy divorce.

Seek Legal Support 

One of the most important things you can do to keep full control of a tricky divorce is to seek professional legal support. Having the help of a qualified team that knows the law and has experience can completely transform the outcome of your experience.

There are many attorneys who offer family services, so it’s essential to spend some time searching and interviewing to find one that suits your case and is affordable. Read reviews from previous clients for a better understanding of each firm or attorney. You could go to shakfehlaw.com or a firm like it to give you the best service and peace of mind during one of the toughest events of your life. It’s a partnership that needs to be professional but also personally supportive. If you don’t feel this way with your attorney, you may need to keep looking.

Practice Self-Care 

It’s so vital to practice self-care every day, especially when you’re emotionally compromised. Of course, there are so many distractions that are battling for your attention but do try to spend some time caring for your needs.

Even the most basic of things such as eating nutritious meals rather than skipping dinner or opting for junk food will help you stay mentally clear and give you energy. Also, do make personal hygiene a priority by making time to shower and keep up on skin and hair maintenance.

If anxiety or other strong emotions are affecting you, try moving more. Take a walk, stretch, or take a fitness class if you’re up for it. Doing these activities will help you feel better about yourself and actually give you some “feel good” chemicals.

Keep Your Life on Track

Making an effort to stay on track in other aspects of your life will help to keep you centered. It could even be an opportunity to improve your life in ways you hadn’t thought of. Carry on with your daily commitments such as home maintenance, job, spending time with family/friends, etc.

Head to work every day with the best attitude you can muster. Instead of complaining to co-workers about your ex and situation, focus on positive changes, future goals, and, of course, your work.

If you have children, ensure that your home situation stays as normal as possible. Don’t forget they are going through this with you and have their own feelings to deal with. Try to provide them with the support they need to get through the split as well. 

If you had hobbies while married, try to keep them active. Having fun or enjoying yourself while you’re in a challenging season can bring you joy and help you get through it faster and more efficiently.

Focus on What Will Make You Happy

You may believe that if you could just stop the divorce, life would be OK again. Well, that could be true, however, consider the reasons you are here. Obviously, one or both of you are unhappy with the way things were.

Focus on what you want and how to get it. If you do need to take some time and talk to your spouse/ex about things, do it. If you decide to reconcile in the process, make sure it’s because you still love each other and can find happiness again. If being a part makes you happier and brings out your best, that is where you need to be. 

No, your life won’t be the same ever again. This person was your partner, your confidant, your life. Now, you have to figure out who you are without him/her. Happiness is a wide-open space, waiting for you to discover all of its secrets and adventures. Remember, neither your marriage nor your messy divorce defines who you are.

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