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3 Tips For Keeping Your Face Beautiful

As the years pass, our faces often show the wear and tear of life and noticeable signs of aging. We  develop wrinkles, our pearly whites might fade to yellow, and our eyes might lose their brightness. But, there is absolutely no reason you can’t slow that process down and even reverse it in some cases. If you start taking the right steps now, you can slow down the signs of aging and keep your face healthy and your youthful beauty shining through.

Clear, Healthy Skin

If we aren’t careful, our skin can get dirty and oily without us ever thinking about it. Your pores get clogged up with makeup, environmental impurities, and oils from your hair and hands. Though acne, cysts, Milia (tiny cysts that cause white bumps on skin), and blackheads primarily plague the youth, these skin maladies can show up at any time in life. I had three zits just this past week during my cycle! ARRRRG! Hormones, stress, and dietary changes are all things to be aware of as well if you want to keep clear and healthy skin. All of these things can also cause your skin to look pasty and gray. Try some specialty products or natural remedies to slough off the dead skin and impurities.

I keep my skin glowing with all natural scrubs that I either buy or make in my kitchen. Brown sugar, oatmeal, honey, and some essential oils are perfect ingredients for homemade masks and scrubs. Exfoliating your skin regularly (2 to 3 times a week) is ideal and will help you to keep looking your best. It also helps your makeup go on smoother. Try looking on Pinterest or Google for DIY facials. Also try putting cucumber pieces or a chilled gel pack over your eyes to eliminate any inflammation that might be the culprit behind puffiness and dark circles.

If you have more difficult skin problems like serious acne or Milia, you may need specialized care from a dermatologist. Milia is a little more tricky to get rid of because technically it is not acne, it is actually cysts under the skin. You may remember your newborn having those tiny white bumps on her face for a few weeks after birth.  If in doubt, do see a doctor.

me23My top 6 Wrinkle-Zapping Tips

There are some key things you need to know about how to decrease the development of wrinkles.

  1. First, staying hydrated is the #1 thing you can do for your skin. If skin doesn’t have moisture, it drys and wrinkles show up much faster and are more significant.
  2. The other key to kicking wrinkles to the curb is a healthful diet. Lots of fresh veggies and fruits, lean proteins, and good fats are necessary to maintain cellular energy and repair.
  3. Exercise also keeps the blood flow consistent to your skin and helps to prevent premature aging.
  4. Don’t over do it the sun. Yes, you should get outside and enjoy the fresh air and the sun, but do it responsibly. Use a good sunscreen, especially on your face and body parts that are exposed the most. I choose all natural products made of zinc oxide because I am sensitive to the chemicals in mainstream products.
  5. Minimize or eliminate tobacco and alcohol use.
  6. Always take care of your skin with as quality products as you can afford. Don’t forget you can make many skin care products at home with common ingredients you likely have right now.

    White Teeth

    For some people, keeping their teeth white is just a matter of going to the dentist regularly. If regular dental appointments are out of reach due to no insurance or a fixed budget, go to Reassurance Dental. They offer some great deals and discount plans that might help you to get to your dentist more frequently.

    If the teeth whitening procedures offered by your dentist are still not in your reach, try one of the DIY kits sold at your local drug store. I’ve used these and love the results. I have sensitive teeth, so I go for those especially for that issue. You can also go back to your own cupboard and find some ingredients that will do the trick. Make a paste from baking soda and lemon. Brush your teeth with this for ninety seconds. Add some peppermint essential oil to make it taste a little better.

Keeping your face looking its best is a life long commitment.  And, remember, the sooner you start caring for yourself inside and out, the better chance you have of staving off premature aging. I started a skin care regimen when I was 16, and I’m now 49. Research various skin care products and methods and find what works for you and your budget. Anything you do to improve your health in general is a step in the right direction. If you have any questions about how I keep my face looking its best, don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message.

xo Kellie Rae


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