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3 Ways To Contribute More To The World

It’s easy to get caught up in our own little worlds and even forget that there is a bigger one out there. We have become a busy society that relishes in having things. Unfortunately, this requires working so much that there is often little time for anything else. This lifestyle can also take a toll on us after a while. Our state of mind, physical health, and connection to the world can suffer. 

Have you ever woke up one morning and wished that you could do something to improve the world or help others? This is common for many women, especially if they have worked a job that doesn’t fulfill a desire to contribute to the greater needs of the world. Of course, there are many things we can do to help others and feel useful, but here are a few specific things that might bring you some joy and greater fulfillment.

Volunteer/Charity Work

Charities and nonprofit organizations are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers. If there’s a charity you support and want to take it a step further, contact them and ask what you can do. This could mean getting involved in activities that they are doing, fundraising or getting out there on the front lines with the people the charity helps. You may not feel that one person can do much to change the world, but even the slightest extra support can mean a big difference for someone or lots of someones.

Learn First Aid and CPR

No situation can make you feel more powerless than an emergency you’re not prepared for. You just stand there, frozen in panic while other people rush in to help. The only way to get past that panic and to become one of those able helpers is to educate yourself.

There are plenty of local first aid courses available as well as tutorials online. Certification courses will teach you the correct way to perform CPR, what to do if someone’s heart stops, and things like how to use a defibrillator. That way, if you’re ever in a position where someone is ill or has an accident, instead of sitting on the sidelines, you can save a life.

Change Your Career

Let’s say you want to make a larger, more permanent difference. Why not change your career completely to pursue something that allows you to help people every day? Perhaps a career in medicine is something you’ve considered. Don’t assume that you need to study for years and become a doctor either. There are plenty of medical professions that require far less training. You also have the option of actually going to work for a charity. There are plenty of organizations that work for education and peace. That way, instead of being an occasional help, you become an integral part of the organization.

Remember, even when you think there isn’t anything you can do to contribute more to the world, think again. Focus on what you can do in your own community and give the time you can spare. And, don’t compare yourself to others who do more. Your special talents and unique personality make your contribution special and much needed.


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