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4 Ways To Decorate Your Dresser For Style And Peace

Dressers so often become a catch-all for things like keys, electronics, makeup, and tangles of jewelry. They can quickly become an eyesore and source of stress. I tend to leave my empty coffee cups and snack plates there…lol. I do find, however, that I’m less likely to clutter it up if it’s decorated nicely with things I love. Refreshing your dresser is not just a quick way to improve the appearance of your bedroom, but also how it functions. Here are a few of my favorite ways to decorate a dresser for style and peace.

Paint or Refinish It

If years of makeup, beauty products, and spilled drinks have made your dresser a bit tattered over the years, why not give it a makeover? This is a perfect way to give your bedroom a new look without spending money on new furniture. First, decide what you want to do and determine what the possibilities are based on the condition of the dresser and type of wood.

This process will involve emptying it, too, which may help you to purge some things you don’t need anymore. Before doing the project, I recommend removing it from the bedroom to a location with proper ventilation. Paint and stripping products can be smelly and even toxic. You don’t want those fumes in your bedroom.

If you want to paint it a vivid color, consider playing around with blackboard paint, also known as chalk paint. It’s easy and fun to use and can be written on with chalk after it dries. This trend has become popular for upcycling old furniture and vintage items.

Display Your Favorite Items

When you walk into your bedroom or first wake up in the morning, you want to feel good about your surroundings. I recommend displaying your favorite photos, accessories, and treasures on your dresser. I have a vintage twenties mirror, crystals, and a couple of books on mine. Make it your own with the things you want to connect with on a daily basis.

Some women also display their beautiful perfume bottles. Many of them can be extremely glamorous and add a sense of style to your space. Not only that, they are easy to access and will give your room a pleasant scent. I’ve known women to buy women’s perfume online because they love the bottle. You can even find some vintage bottles on Etsy shops or at your local antique mall. Either way, the collection will look fabulous on your dresser.

Think Peace and Wellness

I have a salt rock lamp on my dresser that emits a soft pink glow to my whole bedroom. I love how it makes me feel in the space. Other ideas for wellness decor are things like crystals, oil diffusers, singing bowl, aromatherapy candles, or spiritual statues. You can tune it into your morning routine by choosing items that remind you to slow down and be present.

Organize Everything

Once you’ve got everything just the way you want on the outside, give your dresser a facelift on the inside. Organize everything with baskets or dividers, so you can find things more easily. This alone will bring you more peace on hectic mornings. Give all items a place that makes sense for how often you use them. Do also go through your dresser every season to weed out items that you don’t need or are seasonal.

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