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3 Ways To Help Aging Parents Or Grandparents

Father time takes no prisoners. One day we will all be wrinkled, move a little slower, and reminiscing about the many years that have passed. We can all hope that good health follows us into these golden years. Personally, I believe that old doesn’t mean unhealthy.

All that said, even if health is on our side, we will likely need help from loved ones. Considering this, how are you able to help your aging family members now? Have you been able to adjust your life to accommodate their needs? Here are a few ways that you can do just that.

Getting Around Town

Parents or grandparents that are unable to move around on their own are likely feeling isolated and even sad or depressed. We can help them feel more independent by giving them options to do the things they love. Perhaps offering them rides to the store and other social places would be just the thing to bring back some joy.

If your loved one is disabled in some way, pieces of equipment, like a wheelchair, can open up a whole new world for him/her. You could also help adapt their home to accommodate a wheelchair or other needs.

Additionally, while you are on an outing with your loved one, keep any equipment, medication, and supplies he or she might need with you at all times. Have items like extra water, a blanket, and reading glasses handy, as well.

Help with Exercise

Keep in mind, it may be difficult for older people to find the motivation to stay fit on their own. You can help your aging parents or grandparents with basic daily exercises. He or she can do stretches on the bed or sofa if the floor isn’t an option. There are also exercises that can be done while using a chair to lean on. Offering your support for these types of routines will certainly help to keep your loved one more active.

Try to get older people out of the house for exercise as well. A simple short walk can do wonders for the brain and body. I recommend putting this type of outing on your calendar regularly, so he/she knows what to expect and can look forward to it.

Speak a Little Louder

As your lovely parents or grandparents get older, their hearing may decline. To keep them a part of family conversations, it’s important to use hearing impairment communication techniques. Make sure you grab their attention first before speaking. This could be something as simple as waving your hand at them and then speaking. Speaking slowly and a little louder than normal will give them time to read your lips and hear each word better.



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