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5 Strategies To Have The Best Stress-Free Vacation

If there’s one thing that cold weather does better than anything else, it’s getting you itching for a vacation. We may only be a few months into the year, but the allure of sun-kissed beaches and a juicy cocktail (or four) is already setting in. You might already know where you’re heading off on your next vacation, but let’s discuss a few strategies for making it stress-free!

Have All Documents in Order

Passports, visas, boarding passes, driver’s license, etc. all need to be organized and updated before you even think about getting on a plane or boat. There are some new stricter rules for identification and flying here in the US. Contact your local license branch or government office for the latest details in your area.

Have a special place for all of your identification, itinerary, and directions. Don’t deviate from this plan, so you will always know where things are. This will prevent last-minute scrambling or panic attacks.

Buy the Travel Insurance

If you have a hectic life with a business, illness, and lots of family variables, I highly recommend buying travel insurance. This helps to ease your mind when you want to simply enjoy yourself. Check into this no matter how you travel, such as with a mainstream airline or Jettly (a private charter). So what does it usually cover?  

  • Emergency medical
  • Losses incurred due to unforeseen cancellation or having to cut your trip short
  • Death and disability
  • Personal liability
  • Luggage

So you can see why it would help relieve some stress…

Have a Plan (And a Backup Plan)

Knowing where you are going is one thing, it’s also a good idea to know what you want to do once you get there. This plan doesn’t just have to outline an itinerary but can help you to stay on track with your budget and safety. Yes, do have a safety protocol for everyone who is with you. Knowing what to do in case you are separated, injured, or experience other difficulties can save you time, money, and stress. Even if things don’t go as planned, a plan can serve as a guide to get back to having fun and enjoying yourself anyway.  

For the Record

Most people record their vacations with pictures and videos, especially as our smartphones and other devices make it so simple to do so. Do also consider using some other methods to record your adventure. How about drawing your favorite seascape or writing a poem about the beautiful sunset in a  notebook or journal? You can simply write about your days and nights in any way that suits your personality.

Get a Makeover Before Your Trip

If you are one of those women who really hate being in a bathing suit or in summer clothes, I recommend giving yourself a makeover before your trip. To have better confidence on vacation, try out a new hairdo, work on your tan, and try out some new styles. This might also be a good time to give laser hair removal or a good bikini waxing a try. After all, this is your time to be relaxed and feel great about yourself. 


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