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3 Ways To Rebuild Your Life After A Breakup

The end of a relationship can be one of the most challenging life events we can experience. This is especially true if you have been with someone for a long time and were extremely close. The fact is, life won’t be the same on the other side. And, though, this may even be what you want or is best, it will still impact your life in varying ways. There will be a need to rebuild your life after a breakup.

In addition to emotional challenges, there are logistical things to consider as well. Dividing property, money, and even deciding on custody of children are all possibilities. There will also be many habits and routines you’ve built up over the years. Here are some simple ways to help you move forward after a breakup. 

Take Time to Grieve

Whether the relationship was long or short, whether the split was your decision or theirs, there will be a sense of loss. It’s important to allow yourself to feel your emotions and be sad if that’s what you need to do. You might also feel angry or disappointed. All of these emotions are perfectly normal and need to be expressed one way or another.

Cry if you need to, vent to your friends, lie in bed all day and eat ice cream if you must. It can really feel like the world is ending for a while. But, I promise, it will get easier as time passes and you release your emotions. You will also learn some things about yourself in the process that are important to your future and other relationships.

Sort Your Finances

If your partner’s finances have become intertwined with yours, now is the time to make that split. Cancel any joint accounts and set up your own.  Any bills you have will need to be settled or have a new agreement set. Hopefully, all of this can be done amicably.

Living on one income as opposed to two can be tricky as well. If you’re short on cash you may need to look at taking on more hours at work or even rent some downtown coworking space and start up a business to earn some extra cash on the side. Go through your budget and see where you can make cutbacks if you need to free up some extra cash. 

Socialize and Have Fun

When you feel ready, get yourself out there and start enjoying your life again. If you’ve been in an unhappy relationship for a while you might have lost your zest for life. You might just have forgotten who the real ‘you’ is after spending so many years in a partnership. Getting out there and spending time with friends and family, and doing things you enjoy can remind you there is much life to live beyond your broken relationship.

Do make sure you are over your ex before you enter into a new relationship. You don’t want to take baggage with you that you will ultimately have to deal with. This is not fair to any new potential partners who may not understand what’s happening. Allow yourself time to love yourself and feel happy without a partner.

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