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3 Ways To Safely Navigate Living Alone For The First Time

Living alone can be a wonderful experience but challenging if it’s your first time. Whether you have just moved out of your parent’s home, had a recent divorce, or lost your roommate, consider the change an adventure and quest for greater independence.

Living alone for the first time is a chance to get to know yourself and discover new dreams, desires, and goals. You will no longer answer to anyone and make decisions based on what others think or do. If the opportunity offers itself, I recommend giving it a try at least once in your life. Here are some ways to navigate living alone for the first time.

Get Your Finances in Order

First things first, living alone means you will be completely relying on yourself to generate enough income to pay your bills. I recommend preparing a budget based on your current income. You will need to know how much your bills will cost and what extra is required for things like entertainment, clothing, personal items, and misc.

If you can’t seem to make this budget balance, you may have to rethink where you live and the things you spend money on. The last thing you want is to move into a new place and realize that you can’t afford it. If you’re not planning on moving out on your own right away, save some money, so things won’t be tight. You could also start purchasing household items you need and store them until you move.

Consider Your Security

One thing that many women worry about when living on their own is safety and security. While it’s not something to stress out over, it is worth thinking about just for your own peace of mind. First of all, consider the area where you want to move to. Is it safe and well lit? What precautions would help you stay safer no matter where you live?

I recommend looking for a place that is in the best area you can afford. Apartment buildings with gates, coded entry, and security patrols are generally safer than ones that do not. have these features. If you are in a house, you can invest in your own security features. You can usually get smart cameras really cheaply these days. Other things like having a dog, security system, and video doorbells can help alert you to anything not right.

If you’re purchasing the property, consider upgrading the doors, windows, and locks to make it extra safe. If you’re renting, chat with the landlord before signing the lease if you think that the property is lacking in security features. Even something as simple as installing a floodlight outside can prevent burglary. 

Have Emergency Contacts on Hand

Just as a business would have a contact list for people like an emergency electrician, plumber, and internet tech, you will want to do the same for your home. Also, if you have a pet, have a contact for a vet, kennel, or someone who can take it in an emergency. If something goes wrong, you can quickly call for help without having to search for numbers. This simple preparation makes living alone safer and more efficient.



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