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4 Reasons Your Website Might Be Struggling

If you have a website for a professional purpose, you want to make sure it’s design and function are the highest quality you can afford. After all, a website is one of the most important parts of any business or professional career, as it connects you with people online, improves branding opportunities, and even offers products and services online.

Whatever the purpose of your website is, you want to assess it’s function and figure out how to make improvements regularly. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your website might be struggling.

It’s Too Complex

One of the main reasons that a website struggles or fails altogether is that the design and navigation are too complex. When this happens, visitors are instantly turned off and will go elsewhere for information or goods. Consider your own online shopping experiences or information searches. I’m betting you have left a few websites because of poor design or complicated navigation.

I recommend a simpler design that shows your visitors exactly what to do with clear menus and navigation bars. Choose simple images that don’t take away from important information. White space is not a bad thing either. People are more likely to feel at peace and stick around long enough to get what they came for. 

Poor Ranking

You also want your website to have the best possible ranking in search engine results pages. Of course, a new website will take time to build this credibility, however, there are things you can do to improve regularly. Tracking visits and ranking is not complicated and can be done easily with applications such as Google Analytics and other types of software.

One of the best ways to raise your ranking is to improve the content on the site itself. This includes pages and blogs. For in-depth data about your site, you could carry out a technical SEO audit and then improve your SEO as you can on your own or with professional help. 

Strange Color Scheme

You might not think that the color scheme of the website is all that important, however, it’s sort of like walking into a business. Think about how you would feel entering a space that had disturbing colors and images. You would not likely stay for long. The goal is to help visitors to feel comfortable and confident in your abilities as a business. You can be creative and do this with good taste.

Furthermore, a color scheme helps you to establish a business brand that will be recognized in everything you do. Choose wisely. Various colors can evoke emotion and even help people choose to buy or not. Your brand colours are also supposed to convey style and culture. What do you want to say with your website? How do you want visitors to feel 

You Aren’t Sharing Your Site

It’s important to share your URL frequently via several sources. This includes business cards and other printed materials, social media accounts, guest posting on other sites, and at networking events. Yes, people will find your site if you’re higher in search rankings and have quality content, but you want to support this any way you can.


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