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3 Worthwhile Exercises For Women With Limited Time

Staying fit and healthy is a big commitment that many women fall short of due to a tight schedule.  The other thing to consider is how many plans and methods there are to choose from. Overwhelming information can actually work against you when you just want something simple and efficient. It sometimes becomes necessary to try different things until you find what works for you. It’s also important to consider the time you have because you want to get the best results for your effort. Here are a few of my go-to exercises that are worth every minute you spend on them! 

Exercises For Women With Limited Time #1: Pilates 

Pilates is one of those exercise methods that sneaks up on you. It seems like a fluff workout at first, but then you realize just how strong you are getting. It’s designed this way on purpose so it gently moves you into a better state of fitness. This keeps your body from being overworked. Many workouts are way too demanding and actually work against your body.

I love the fact that you can invest in a few Pilates videos or go all out and sign up for a class. This, of course, is a personal decision each woman has to make. I prefer to do some workouts in class and some at home. This gives me flexibility when my schedule is tight. Additionally, do some research into the various styles, levels, and methods like this one at https://www.c2pilates.com/beatbarre/ that uses a varying method and diverse equipment.

Exercises For Women With Limited Time #2: Bed Workout

Yeah, I know, it sounds silly and counterproductive, right? Well, it may just be the best place ever to burn some extra calories. This is true because it isn’t only longer, more intense exercises that get the best results. The truth is, we burn the majority of our calories just going through our day doing mundane things. Small movements are just as powerful as the big ones. Here is a video to get you started on those abs before you even get out of bed!

(Video by Joanna Soh Official)

Exercises For Women With Limited Time #3: Stretching

Though you may not think that stretching does a whole lot as far as fitness, on the contrary, it’s extremely important. Our muscles, ligaments, and tendons get tighter as we age and need to be stretched regularly to prevent immobility and pain. Just try to do the splits or jump a hurdle without stretching. I guarantee it would not be pretty or without injury.

Stretching is something you can do fairly easily and quickly about anywhere. You could even give it a try in bed along with some other exercises. I like to do some basic leg and arm stretches at my desk when I take a break from working. I do recommend taking the time to stretch every day if you can. Your workouts will go more smoothly and be easier to finish when your muscles aren’t tight and sore.

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