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4 Careers in Digital Art to Consider

Digital art is the term that refers to art that is done using digital technology to create the final product. Basically, it combines art and technology in a variety of ways. There are many jobs that take advantage of the new technologies that can be used in digital art. You may be familiar with some of them like graphic design, visual entertainment, and other types of design work. Others are not as common and might be overlooked. Here are a few specific careers in digital art to consider.

Careers in Digital Art to Consider #1: Web Design

Web design is a career that falls under the umbrella of the STEM studies, which include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Because of the importance of these subjects, there are a wide variety of scholarships available for these programs, which can be found on USA Scholarships. These can range from mathematics to medicine, with everything in between.  Building websites involves digital art, as well other technical skills.

Careers in Digital Art to Consider #2: 3D Modeler

For architects or other space-oriented designers, it is important to utilize models and drawings to make their creations come to life. This makes it easier for them to see possible issues before construction is started. Modern technology has opened up new career options in this field. Skilled artists are often hired by firms to create models of projects.  This alone means that, as long as new construction happens, there will be a need for skilled 3D modelers.

Careers in Digital Art to Consider #3: Medical Animator

Medical animators make videos and other visual aids to help doctors, scientists, and patients understand how the human body works. These videos can show the beating of a heart, the growth of hair, and other things that are difficult or impossible to see. They are also used to demonstrate how a disease might work or progress based on certain criteria.

Careers in Digital Art to Consider

#4: Digital Painter

Very similar to traditional art, digital painting is the process of making two-dimensional pictures, using only a computer or other digital tools. While the work is done digitally, the styles that are used are in place to make the piece look as close to traditional painting as possible. There is another form of this art which is done in 3D. This style uses models and is a tool that helps create sculptures in the digital world.

There are a wide variety of jobs for digital artists. These can range from the traditional artistic careers, like comic book artists and digital painting, to careers like 3D modelers and medical animators. No matter what someone’s specific artistic interests are, there are options to find a career in digital art.


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