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4 Efficient Ways To Source Your Ideal Clients And Customers

Simply put, without a continual flow of clients and customers, your business won’t grow or make money. Furthermore, you want to work with people who will most benefit from your services and products. These are called “ideal” clients and customers. The ones who will rave about you to their peers and genuinely care about you and your business. Just as you will about them. When you identify, locate and attract such individuals, your business flourishes naturally and with a greater sense of purpose. Here are a few methods that I use to source ideal clients and customers.

Source Your Ideal Clients and Customers #1: Identifying and Profiling

In order to attract and ultimately obtain ideal clients and customers, you must identify who they are. This will take some research and brainstorming on your part as a business owner. First of all, who do you want to work with? Where do they live, work, and eat? Whom do they hang out with? Are they female, male, gay, straight, married, divorced, single? What do they do in their spare time? I know these questions sound silly, but answering them will help you understand who needs what you’re selling. 

Know that, as a result of profiling, you will more easily develop appropriate marketing images and copy that speaks directly to your ideal audience. Understand, in this stage, you are creating an attraction point for them to come to you. You are not chasing or targeting them for a “capture”. They will naturally come to you if you speak their language and offer something they need and want. 

Present Client and Customer Base 

Another efficient way to identify who your ideal client and customers are is to look at who already works with you and your business. Offer a coupon to those who will complete a survey about your business. The information and critiques you receive help you to finetune your offerings even more.

Source Your Ideal Clients and Customers #2: Planning and Attracting

When you know who your ideal clients and customers are, you are ready to create a plan to attract them. Much of this is done with branding yourself and your business. When you know who you are and present that throughout all your marketing, people see you as cohesive and consistent. Consider this phase carefully as you want to be authentic and strongly present what you represent in the market. I recommend consulting a professional branding or marketing expert if you have trouble in this area.  

Putting It Together

There are many parts to branding and marketing your business. However, one of the most important parts of the picture is your website. It will be a place where your potential clients and customers go to learn more about you and your business. It needs to be quality, cohesive, and easy to navigate. As far as marketing, your images, copy, and contact forms can either attract or repel them. If you are just starting, I recommend that you have a team to help develop your plan. This might just be your family and friends for now, but a second opinion might help give perspective.

Source Your Ideal Clients and Customers #3: Detailing and Monetizing Your Platforms

Setting up the details of your website and other platforms involved in your marketing campaign will take some time and thought. You want to keep your potentials on your site and social media pages as long as possible. You do that by offering interesting and useful content. Remember, you know who your ideal clients and customers are, so talk to them and entertain them. Be a business that improves their life in some way.

Additionally, utilize your site for minor streams of income as well. You can use links from Adwords and Amazon Affiliates to offer other useful products you’re ideal clients might glean from. And, it’s easy to do when you manage Adwords campaigns with PPCnerd or the affiliate programs most larger companies have. If you think of these additions as resources for your audience, you can create a fuller experience for them.

Source Your Ideal Clients and Customers #4: Connecting and Partnering

Instead of considering your efforts as preparation to jump on potentials with a final sell, see yourself connecting with them. After all, commerce is a journey we all take together. If you have to push someone and convince them to buy your products and services, maybe they are not your ideal person. Never be desperate to “sell” anything. You don’t need everyone, you just need the ones who need your special offerings. Consider yourself an informative partner to those who truly will benefit from investing in products and services from your business. Being an educator also helps others see you as credible and reliable- someone who truly cares about their lives.

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