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4 Foods That Can Cause Adverse Symptoms

Striving to have a good relationship with food is something all of us can do on a regular basis. That said, there are times when even our favorite healthful foods can cause adverse symptoms. Causing everything from an uncomfortable body odor to actual pain, certain foods can be a thorn in our flesh. Here are a few common ones that you might want to pay attention to.

Salty, Fried Foods and Edema

This may come as a surprise to you, but consuming salty, fried food can cause your hands and feet to swell up. If fluid retention in the body goes unchecked for a long period or is recurrent, there could also be some underlying digestive issues happening. 

Though, bloating and edema are common, it doesn’t mean they are normal and OK. Truthfully, they are signs that your body doesn’t like what you’re putting in it. Try to reduce your sodium and cut way back on fried foods if possible. Remember, do also consult a doctor if swelling is really bad or doesn’t go away.

Spicy Food and Heartburn

Spicy food is notorious for causing heartburn in a large number of people. This can be because of the presence of a compound called capsaicin. Though it can actually help your body digest by promoting the production of acids, it can sometimes cause an uncomfortable feeling in the gut. Heartburn can be the result of too much stomach acid but also too little. Undigested food or slow digestion can cause fermentation and adverse symptoms.

 You can try to reduce the spice content in your food and avoid eating late at night to reduce symptoms. Some people use antacids like Zanole or Tums for acute relief, but these medicines can have some adverse side effects of their own if used for a long time. For more information about this type of medicine, visit https://www.zanzole24hr.com.au

I prefer to use more natural remedies for the relief of heartburn. Mint tea and oil, as well as fresh ginger, can ease mild gastrointestinal symptoms. Do consult your physician if you experience anything that does not seem right or doesn’t go away.

Garlic and Body Odor

Did you know that consuming too much garlic can alter your body smell? When garlic is crushed or digested by the body, allicin is released. After consumption, allicin is quickly broken down and converted into other substances that cause sweat to mix with bacteria. The result can be a strong body odor. To minimize this unfortunate symptom, keep your body cool, and avoid activities that make you sweat. Take a bath or a shower whenever you sweat and be sure to drink a lot of water.

Mushrooms and Rashes

Some types of mushrooms can cause a condition called shiitake dermatitis, which can occur when a person consumes raw or undercooked shiitake mushroom. This can happen even if you are not allergic to mushrooms themselves. The kind of rash caused by shiitake mushrooms appears in linear streaks and resembles whip marks. Although they mostly appear in the torso, they can also spread to the head and neck. This is a rare condition, but being aware is important, especially if you consume a lot of mushrooms.  Always make sure you cook your shiitake mushrooms properly.

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. Women’s lifelink, it’s owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors, and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.



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