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4 Ways To Have A Good Relationship With Food

Many women spend time worrying about their weight and how to control it. I confess I’ve done it, too. When you’re overweight, it can wreak havoc on your self-esteem. It can affect your mood, your relationships, and even overall satisfaction with life. As well as psychological issues, there are negative health issues, too. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, to name a few. I’ve learned that how I feel about food plays a huge role in how it affects my weight and health. In fact, I believe it’s important to have a good relationship with food in order for it to serve you well. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up on my health journey, where food is concerned.

Have A Good Relationship With Food #1 Be Present When You Eat 

The act of eating for some overweight or obese women may be a bittersweet experience. On one hand, they love food but also hate that it has caused a weight problem. This creates a negative pattern that can only stop with conscious effort. Many of these women may even think about doing something drastic like having surgery. And, though there is nothing wrong with researching how much does weight loss surgery cost and how it works, I recommend working on creating positive food habits first.

Pay attention to how and when you eat…and why. Do you eat quickly and not really focus on the flavors or textures of the food? Do you eat when doing other things like driving or watching TV? Mindless eating can be a culprit behind overeating and emotional binges. It’s important to be completely present whenever you eat anything. Feel yourself enjoy the food, the taste, texture, and feelings of satisfaction. 

Have A Good Relationship With Food #2: Slow Down and Focus on Feelings

It is important to think about how you feel when you reach for food, as emotional eating can lead to weight and health issues. Do you eat because you feel stressed or upset? Do you even think about how you feel when you eat? Ultimately, what and how you eat can help ease health challenges. You don’t have to make a huge production out of this process. Just consciously note how you feel before you make your meal or go out to eat. If you need comforting, consider doing something else to ease your stress or discomfort. Go for a walk or cuddle with a loved one until you feel better.

Have A Good Relationship With Food #3: Create a Positive Attitude about Food

If you are overweight, food can seem like your enemy. It’s imperative to create a new and positive attitude about food if you want to be healthy. If you feel ashamed with how you look, this is even more important for emotional health. One thing that I changed about my relationship with food was that I consider it my medicine as well as sustenance. I know that what I eat and drink has a direct effect on my life and health. It can be healing or it can be harmful. Catch yourself if you say or think negative things about food and try to shift your attitude as quickly as you can.

Have A Good Relationship With Food #4: Encourage Yourself

Making positive lifestyle changes can be a long process but also worth it. I believe that taking things one step at a time can be much more effective for long-term success. Though some women like to go all out with change, the majority do better with subtle, small goals that they can master quickly. The key is to encourage yourself to make better choices along the way to your goal. Praise and reward yourself for a job well done no matter how small the victory is. If you’ve been more mindful when it comes to eating, reward yourself with a mani/pedi or a new outfit. You are your best ally when it comes to positive health change.

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