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4 Fun Ways To Make Your Blog A Successful Business

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Today, more and more bloggers are turning their passion for writing into profitable businesses. It’s easier now than ever to start a blog and even create a stream of income while sharing your niche or passion. But it also means there are more blogs out there with which to compete. And, unfortunately, it’s not as easy to rise to the top and get noticed, let alone, sell your goods. So, if you’re serious about making money, learn how to build a successful career around your blog.

You can’t just share content. There’s a lot more to blogging as a business than hitting the keys, and it’s important to understand that. You need to take your blog seriously by treating it like a business from the get-go.  Also, you need to know the essentials about how to boost your blog’s traffic to raise your chances of success. Here are a few things you can implement into your blog to start making money.

Make Your Blog a Successful Business Tip #1 Create Fun and Useful eBooks

Ebooks have become big business in the blogging world. So, if you’ve got useful information to share that you know others will gain value from, turning it into an eBook is a great option. By creating and sharing free tools on your blog, you can up your pageviews significantly. Remember, the more value your blog offers, the better.

The good news is that creating an eBook couldn’t be easier. It’s just a case of writing the content, proofreading and editing it, formatting the pages, and sharing your eBook on your blog, as well as on Kindle and Amazon eBook stores. If you’re unsure what to write about, take inspiration from other blogger’s successful eBooks.

Make Your Blog a Successful Business Tip #2 Offer Online Courses that Help People

The blogs that tend to do well are the sites that offer tools, such as online courses. So, if you want to ensure your site’s success, consider offering some free online courses. Eventually, you can charge for these but, to start off, free tends to work well when it comes to encouraging people to sign up.

When offering online courses, the most important thing is value. Remember that there are hundreds of thousands, even millions, of other entrepreneurs trying to do the same thing. Quality teaching stands out and so does highly valuable content.

Make Your Blog a Successful Business Tip #3 Use Video

Something that most of the world’s most successful bloggers have in common is that they vlog as well as blog. Not everyone is made to be a vlogger – (aka a video blogger), but if you want to give your site the best chance for monetary success, you should at least try your hand at it. Yes, it’s a little intimidating at first. I get it. I once had a huge fear of doing video until I forced myself to create a 30-day course

It may take some time to learn the skills that you need to film and edit your footage, but once you’ve got it, you’re all set! I use YouTube to edit my video and find it simple and very doable for the amateur. Chances are that you’ll start to enjoy filming as well as creating content. If you’re going to use specialist software to edit your footage, such as Premier Pro, it could be useful to undergo some training. Sure, there’s tutorials on YouTube, but it’s not the same as undergoing professional

Chances are, you’ll actually start to enjoy filming as well as creating content. If you’re going to use specialized software to edit your footage, such as Premier Pro, some education may be in order. Fortunately, there is Premiere Pro training, where you have a teacher to help you through the more challenging parts. Whatever software you plan to use, there’s likely a course for it. 

Make Your Blog a Successful Business Tip #4 Brand Yourself and Your Blog

Along with being professional in terms of how you deal with clients and plan your time, you also need brand yourself and your blog. Your writing and any business you do from the blog is an extension of you. That’s why it’s important to understand how to brand yourself to fit your personality and your ideal client. This is what I do for a living, so trust me when I tell you how important it is. The difference between marketing and branding is this: marketing is what you share about what you do. Branding is who others know you are. They also know what you do, based on that brand.

When it comes to your marketing and branding, you may want to get some help, especially if you are clueless about the process. You could get some free marketing training online or read some books. That’s a place to start. When the time comes to really get out there and shine, however, don’t shy away from hiring a branding coach to help you. Happy blogging and growing your business! 


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