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4 Google Drive Apps To Make Your Work Easier

There is nothing more annoying than taking four hours to do a task that could have taken 30 minutes. Whether you are simply sending a letter to a friend or compiling the yearly expenditure data for your company, you want it done as quickly and easily as possible. Efficiency is the key word when it comes to the selection of Google Drive apps. Here are some favorite Google drive apps to make your work easier.

Google Docs – Easy and Effective Document Creator

Google Docs gives users the opportunity to create their own rich text documents. There is a huge selection of features available as well. These include; incorporating links, images, drawings, tables, equations, and many more.

Google Spreadsheet – Stay Organized and Track Business Performance

Google Spreadsheet is the perfect tool for keeping all of your business data in one place. You can analyze your data in an array of formats; from tables, lists, to more complex charts.  Seeing data in various lights can help you make informed business decisions. You can also share lists, track projects and, of course, track the results. For businesses, though, something more comprehensive is likely needed. Head to www.orchestratetech.com to discuss your options with professionals in this field.

Google Drawings – Add Color and Life to any Document or Website

Whether you are creating a document, editing a presentation, or updating your website; Google Drawings brings excitement, energy, and style to the equation. You will easily add color to any projects, as well as incorporate charts and diagrams. This can make your document, presentation or website more visually effective. Furthermore, what businesswomen like best about Google Drawings is it’s user-friendly and has professional results.

Google Slides – Create Stunning Slides with this Presentation Editor

Google Slides gives you the platform to create a presentation that will blow the minds of your employees, investors, potential clients, stakeholders, and anyone else at a corporate meeting. You have the ability to embed videos, incorporate animations and use dynamic slide transitions. If the array of features was not enough, you can also publish your presentation on the internet if you wish it to be available to all. Alternatively, you can opt to share your slides privately.  

Google Apps – Productivity Increase

There are over five million businesses around the world using Google Apps. Head to gsuite.google.com to view them all. This statistic alone showcases how effective the cloud-based productivity suite is. The apps available include; Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These tools give you the potential to connect and communicate with your team more effectively and get tasks done faster and more effectively than ever before.


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