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Do Windows Tablets Have Advantage Over Android?

Though many consumers deem Android to be the superior operating system for phones and tablets over Windows, there are some things to consider. But, first, let’s look at the primary difference between the two. Windows is a series of software designed, developed, marketed, and owned by the  Microsoft Corporation. Android is a Linux-based, open source operating system for smartphones and tablets. It was designed and developed by Android Inc., with funding from Google, who ended up purchasing it in 2005. I believe each has its strong points as well as weak ones, but I want to focus on what advantage Windows might have over Android. Here are the top 7.

1) Windows is a Colossal Force

We will begin with the fact that Windows has established itself as somewhat untouchable in the world of operating systems. They have been widely used for many years in the computer and phone market. If it’s trustworthiness and stability you’re looking for, Windows may have an advantage.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t have any problem finding products with the Windows name attached. Companies like zenops.com offer many Windows and compatible programs for businesses to use with their tablets. This area is giving Android a run for its money. 

2) Patience

Microsoft has one key quality (or luxury) that other similar businesses do not have: patience. Windows- or Microsoft- is not afraid to wait out the storms or the competitors’ launches. They have learned from previous mistakes made with earlier versions. The fact that they are such a huge force may allow them this opportunity. While Android seems to rush the release of new products, Windows plays the waiting game while analyzing the market and the products being offered.

3) Microsoft is Involved in Gaming

Microsoft is already involved in the gaming world and has announced plans to offer consumers their own Windows tablet based games. This will be another major threat to Android and other competitors.

4) Compatibility and Usability

When it comes to tablets Windows considers personal use customers but also the business world. IT managers look for usability and compatibility with business systems and processes. Windows provides the foundation for all of the above, helping companies achieve greater productivity.

5) More Accessories

One of the main issues with Android-based tablets is that there are not many accessories supported by them. On the other hand, Windows has compatibility with nearly all accessories.

6) Better Security

There is no denying that Windows has had security issues in the past. But most of these problems have been resolved. Android, on the other hand, is still experiencing an array of security problems primarily because anyone can write apps and programs for the system. This can leave you vulnerable when you use Android products. 

7) Funding

Microsoft has the money to spend, and they want to invest it in the tablet side of their business. The company is determined to create the most popular, safe, and advanced tablet product on the market. 


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