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4 Important Considerations Before Signing Up For A Dating App

Dating apps have changed the way people meet each other forever. Instead of approaching somebody at a bar or the grocery store, striking up a conversation and making a connection, you scroll through photos and profiles. Though it may sound like an easy way to meet your match, there are actually some major drawbacks. Before signing up for a dating app, you need to consider a few things that could end up being huge negatives in the long run. Here are a few things I recommend that you think about when determining how you want to meet a potential romantic partner.

It’s Easier to Deceive or Lie 

Deception is one of the most prominent problems with any type of virtual dating application. After all, photos, bios, general information, and interests can all be falsified in order to attract people. This happens much of the time even though they know their dates will find out eventually. Furthermore, there is a higher chance that you could become a victim of fraud or deception for financial gain. 

There’s really no way of knowing who you are actually talking to when you aren’t face to face.  This can be incredibly dangerous in some situations. Even if they aren’t dangerous, you’re not getting to know how someone feels in your presence. There are things like body language and facial expressions that are important to quality communication. Consider these things if you’re meeting people on social media as well.

One of the most important rules of dating is that you don’t waste time with people who don’t line up with what you want. I believe it’s much harder to discover these things about others if you have never met them. 

It’s Impersonal 

Trying to build a real connection with somebody through a messaging app is tough. The initial decision about who to match with is based mainly on a picture. There is no essence or energy from seeing this person smile or frown. You haven’t seen them walk, talk, or interact with another human. Think about how important these small things are as you get to know your friends and family.

I do recommend looking into various dating programs or apps before you sign up for anything. It’s good that some of the higher quality ones allow you to post videos and are subject to extensive personality testing before joining. This at least allows you to get a better feel for someone before engaging with him or her.

Some people swear by free chatlines for women where you can meet potential matches and speak with them over the phone. And though phone chatting is a far cry from an in-person meeting, it does allow more of the person’s personality and essence to come through. Do be careful about revealing too much personal information when you speak to anyone over the phone or chat.

You May Not Find Anyone Serious

Some dating apps have earned a reputation for attracting players or those who simply want to have a good time. Though there is nothing wrong with this, if you want something more, dating apps may not be for you. Many women want the serendipitous moment of meeting their true love in an obscure or unlikely way. Running into that guy at the grocery store over and over again, ordering the same coffee drink at the cafe, a random meeting at a party thrown by your best friend, admiring your favorite painting at the museum. These are all romantic ways to meet someone that arent forced or planned. I tend to believe that if you open yourself for love, it will find you when you least expect it. 

The Paradox of Choice

Simply put, the paradox of choice is how we believe that variety and more choices are better, it also complicates our decision process when it comes to romance. People have so many people to choose from with dating apps that they may feel less satisfied with their decision once they make it. You could end up always feeling as though you missed out on that next person who sends you a message.

In other words, people are so worried about missing out on a potentially great match in the future that they don’t want to commit to one person. That means that people inevitably end up shying away from anything more serious even if it was good. 

Be careful with how you put yourself out there. Know what you want in advance and look for dating apps that meet your criteria. If the whole thing turns you off completely, there is a reason for that feeling. Listen to your heart and gut and get out in the world to meet new people. You can always increase your chances of meeting new people by doing several things like joining clubs or classes, socialize online and in person, go to new places and do, by all means, check out some quality dating sites or apps.


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