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4 Industries To Consider As A Woman Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are naturally hunting for and developing business opportunities. The sheer excitement of starting something new drives them to take risks. Of course, making money is also a driving force for many women with the entrepreneur bug. They literally dream about all that green in the bank and what they can do with it. 

One way for female entrepreneurs to make money and feed their need to start businesses is to choose an industry that offers the most possibility for success and growth. Below are four solid industries that you could put your own twist on. 

Consumer Retail

While it may seem cliché for women to be in retail, it all depends on the individual and her interests. For those who love consumer products and selling, it makes perfect sense to start a retail business. After all, it’s not as though the industry has played out. There will always be things to sell and buy.

Thanks to eCommerce, you can sell just about anything from the comfort of your home. If you’re really adventurous, you could have both an online and a brick and mortar store. And, have you heard about pop-up stores that bring brand recognition and lead generation? 


If you’re a tech junkie, use your know-how to develop a service that is user-friendly and not gadget-centric. The Amazon Echo Dot, also known as Alexa, has been a huge success story because it makes people’s lives easier. Cloud computing is also an area where startups can focus as Big Data is a vital business component and all you need is storage space.

Holistic Health

With the rising cost of mainstream healthcare and its inability to make a difference, in some cases, holistic health is on the rise. Consider focusing on a new business in the area of natural or holistic health. Your options are wide open, depending on your interests and vision. This type of work will also be quite rewarding, as you can help others heal and live happier lives.

One main holistic health business on the rise is cannabis and its supplements. It is legal in most states and likely to be federally soon, which means the opportunity is rising.  Many businesswomen are attending cannabis investor conferences to help to fill their gaps in your knowledge and get the latest advice about business. 


New forms of payment are making the rounds; however, you don’t need to create one to start a successful business. Getting on the cryptocurrency bandwagon just might be a way to get a new business started. You can buy and hold, which is common and very easy, although it does tend to take a while to turn a big profit. Alternatively, you can begin mining or day trading for cryptocurrencies. Both techniques require more knowledge, yet the earning potential is higher and doesn’t take as long.


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