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4 Major Considerations For Family Planning

Many women dream of one day raising a family but may put that dream on hold to ensure they are adequately prepared to welcome children into their lives. In other cases, some have no desire to have children. However, it’s best to find a suitable birth control method, irrespective of what category you find yourself in. Studies show that 28% of women are more likely to use oral contraception to protect against pregnancy, but there are many methods to choose from. 

Here are several important family planning considerations.

Your Relationship Status

The kind of relationship you’re involved in is perhaps the most important factor in deciding your method of birth control. Most birth control and family planning experts recommend using condoms if you have sex with multiple partners, especially since it protects against STIs. However, other methods that do not offer barrier protection, such as IUDs and pills, are more convenient options, especially if you are in a monogamous relationship with a trusted partner. That way, you can be sure you are safe and not worry about having a baby. 

Your Lifestyle

How you live your life can affect how efficiently your chosen birth control method works. The best way to achieve efficient results is to use it exactly as described. However, if your lifestyle doesn’t match the recommendations, find something else that does. For example, if you’re a smoker, it wouldn’t be smart to use contraceptives like birth control pills that come with health warnings for smokers. 

Also, if you are a forgetful person, it might not be wise to rely on taking birth control pills because they have to be taken on time daily. It’s best to speak with a family planning expert or your doctor to find the most suitable option that matches your lifestyle. 

Future Plans

family planningMaking plans to have a family someday (or not) is a delicate thing. Though there are permanent options for both you and your man, they need to be considered carefully. It might not be the time to decide whether you want to have a child or more children. Do also consider that some birth control methods can disrupt your hormones, making it more difficult to get pregnant when you want to.


When deciding which birth control method to use, it’s important to understand just how effective each one is. Some of the most efficient options are also the most convenient birth control methods. the ones that need little to no attention like implants and IUDs. With these methods, you don’t have to worry about contraception for an extended period. Other methods, like fertility monitoring, tend to be riskier and require the strictest attention from both partners, which can often be impractical. 

Methods like using condoms and taking birth control pills require some effort and are generally effective. However, what happens if you run out and are in the moment? This could be a problem, especially if you absolutely don’t want to be pregnant. If you both lack self-control in this area, I recommend choosing a back up contraceptive or another method altogether.

Many people take more permanent approaches, especially when they have had their children. Vasectomies are excellent examples. However, this is a minor surgery that comes with risks. Fortunately, there are now no-scalpel vasectomy procedures for men who are hesitant to go under the knife. 

My final thoughts are just this: Choose wisely and stick to your plan.



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