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4 Qualities Of Successful Businesswomen

In the US alone, more than 11 million firms are female owned. Fortunately, the world is gradually changing the stereotype that businesses should be owned by men. To keep this momentum going, women must do whatever they can to be successful. Each business is different and needs various people and tools to grow. That said, there are some qualities of successful businesswomen that we can all glean from. 

Qualities of Successful Businesswomen #1: Solid Direction

Have you ever tried to get somewhere without knowing where you’re going? Yeah, it doesn’t normally turn out too well. Getting lost can be an adventure on the road, however, in business, it is disastrous. Successful businesswomen know that setting strong, achievable goals paves the foundation for consistency and future growth. Furthermore, planning steps to execute those goals and actually taking them is imperative. Course corrections are also a part of being successful.

Furthermore, successful businesswomen are not afraid to ask for help. If they can’t get to their destination with their skills, they find others who can. It’s like hiring a guide or sherpa to navigate territory you are not familiar with.

Qualities of Successful Businesswomen #2: Confidence

Having confidence is important for all business owners, however, this truth may be even more so for women. This is primarily because we are still shedding the cultural scales of gender inequality. If you look at businesswomen like Cynthia Telles UCLA, you see exactly what confidence can achieve. 

I am inspired by women who have walked through the business trenches and come out on top. Of course, we all must find out own path and face the challenges that are meant for us. Experience is what builds confidence. 

Qualities of Successful Businesswomen #3: Ambition

Ambition is basically the driving force behind reaching every goal we’ve ever set. Every successful entrepreneur knows that without it, things go down pretty fast. It is the grit and determination that gets us through the mucky muck that almost always shows up in business. Ambition never lets us give up, no matter how hard things get or how painful. It really is like viewing our dreams through a lens that shows us that we can do anything we set our heart and mind to.

Qualities of Successful Businesswomen #4: Assertiveness

Ok, so assertiveness gets a little misunderstood, especially when women have it. They can be called bitches and bossy or even controlling. Know this: it’s not about being any of those things. Being assertive is about having clarity about your goals and boundaries. It’s also about asking for what you want and not apologizing for it. Can you see how this serves a businesswoman?

Being assertive helps you to lead a group of people and a company with conviction and strength. Everyone gains respect for the woman who can be firm but caring at the same time. Think about your favorite female leaders. I’m guessing they are assertive. And, I’m guessing they are successful.

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