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4 Quality Growing Opportunities In Healthcare

The healthcare industry continues to grow every year, making it a prime opportunity for just about anyone. One reason for the popularity is that there is a wide range of jobs available most of the time. Even women with no healthcare background are pursuing training to switch careers. There are also jobs in healthcare that combine with other areas of expertise, such as technology, chemistry, business administration, and data analytics. If you want to pursue a healthcare career but are unsure about education requirements and responsibilities, take a look at this 4 quality, growing opportunities in healthcare.

Quality Growing Opportunities In Healthcare #1: Medical Assistant

Medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks on behalf of a hospital or doctors’ office. This position is one of the fastest growing healthcare jobs in the US. In fact, between 2010 and 2020, it is estimated that the number of medical assistant positions available will increase by 31%, well ahead of the national average for other healthcare jobs. Medical assistants can begin work with very little training. However, the most senior and highest paying roles will be given to those who have more advanced or specialist knowledge. Training for this position takes about 9 to 12 months for certification or about 2 years for an Associates Degree program.

Quality Growing Opportunities In Healthcare #2: Anesthetist

An anesthetist, or anesthesiologist, is responsible for putting patients under when they are about to undergo a procedure. Anesthetists are essential members of any surgical team and the position is well paid, with plenty of room for progression and steady work. There are a number of different qualifications that anesthetists can pursue; these vary state-by-state. An anesthetist is one of the highest paying jobs in the country and is highly competitive. Additionally, if you are a nurse, consider becoming a nurse anesthetist.  This NBCRNA Recertification course from Valley Anesthesia with a Bachelors Degree takes about 8 years to complete. Being an anesthesiologist requires a doctorate level education and has extreme responsibility.

Quality Growing Opportunities In Healthcare #3: Physical Therapist

Physical therapists help a number of different patients, from athletes, who have been injured playing sport, to patients who have decreased mobility due to a serious injury or illness. Physical therapists devise individual care routines for their patients based on their experience and the patient’s symptoms. Work as a physical therapist is very rewarding, as you are often helping patients to reclaim a significant part of their lives. Physical therapists have completed a graduate degree and may even continue on to become doctors.

Quality Growing Opportunities In Healthcare #4: Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians are responsible for assisting pharmacists in preparing prescriptions and dispensing medications. Sometimes, pharmacy technicians also compound (mix) medicines according to instructions on a prescription, but this is much rarer than it used to be.  To become a pharmacy tech, you must complete about 600 hours of instruction and 200 hours of externship over a 10-month period. Some choose to obtain an Associates Degree.

Obviously, these are only just a select few quality, growing careers in healthcare. There are many to research and pursue. I encourage you to think outside the box, as well. Consider other types of jobs that can impact the health of others. Opportunity is all around us to make a difference!

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