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reasons to use a standing desk

4 Reasons To Use A Standing Desk

One challenging attribute of working in an office is that sitting all day is not optimal for health. It has become more common for people to switch from a traditional desk to a standing one. You might have some standing desks in your office right now but just not in your particular workstation. Sit-stand desks are becoming more commonly used because some people need the option to stand while they work to stay alert and stretch their legs. Just so you know, many companies sell standing desk converters. If you are looking for some good reasons to use a standing desk, here are some that just might intrigue the part of you that wants to be healthier.

Why You Need a Standing Desk

You can reduce your risk of obesity. It doesn’t sound like much, but while standing, you burn 50 more calories per hour than sitting. That adds up over 8 or more hours, it’s at least an additional 400 calories burned per day. You are also more likely to move around more when you stand. And if you sway your hips slightly while you work you can feel into your body and be more aware of any problems. There are even fancy options, such as desks that rest above treadmills for intentional exercise during work.

You can reduce your risk of diabetes. When you mix up sitting and standing during the day, the risk for glucose issues is decreased. This could be an option to help lower your blood sugar and A1c levels if they are a current problem. I advise you to have it checked before using a new standing desk so you know if it’s helping.

You could be compelled to move. Sitting at a desk can mean you lose pockets of time, just not moving at all. When you are standing, you are more inclined to move around, even if you’re just moving in place. You are also more inclined to move backward and forward around the office because you’re already up. It’s nice to be able to sit while you work, but standing gives you far more benefit than sitting.

You could reduce your risk of back problems. Sitting for too long isn’t great on the spine, as your chiropractor has likely mentioned. Of course, a sit-stand desk or a standing desk isn’t right for those who might need to sit at work, such as the disabled, weak, ill, or injured. There are special ergonomic chairs and cushions for those who want to stay seated. 

Ask your employer if you could try one to see if you like it. Who knows they might buy one for everyone! Well, I hope you found these reasons to use a standing chair helpful if you’re considering it. You might also ask around to see if anyone uses one and can share their thoughts.

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