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4 Steps To Keep Your Office Safe When You’re Not There

For any business, the most valuable assets are often not the ones out in the open. Data, records, and financials are not normally out where they can be stolen, but, unfortunately, we live in a world where nothing is safe. The truth is, everything you have that helped you to create and run your business is important. If any of it were to be stolen or damaged, it could set back your business many months.

Keep your eye on the changing landscape of cybercrime and vulnerabilities your business might have. Every year is a new dawn and a new day for criminals to try and hack into your company servers, burst through your firewalls and leave their malware traps behind. Additionally, take care of the physical aspects of security. Worry might keep you up at night if don’t keep your office safe when you’re not there. Here are a few steps you can take.

Seeing is Believing

Light illumination is one of the simplest yet most effective tactics to use against would-be burglars. If they can be seen, they will think twice about breaking into your business offices or building. This is why you must have great lighting all around the property and some for the interior as well. Use good quality ceiling lights near windows so when the light is on, you have full illumination of the inside and outside. 

Your business may also benefit from CCTV cameras at right angles where visual confirmation is trickly. If a thief should turn a corner they might go out of sight but with a dome camera, you have full 360 vision. 

Notice Anything Suspicious

Burglars are still using their same old tricks and one of them is doing a scouting operation. If someone comes to the reception desk and asks specific questions without any real reason to, make note of it. A robber might walk into your business, dressing like a normal businessman or woman to try and fool your employees. Then they could begin asking questions such as “when do you close?”, “does everyone leave at the same time?”, “do you have security officers around here?” or perhaps, “what kind of security system do you have?”. It’s obvious that this kind of stuff is sensitive to your business premises and no one outside of it should really be asking such questions.

System Security Measures

Some employees will have access to different areas of the business that others won’t. Managers, supervisors, and officers of departments will have access to much more sensitive information than the average employee. But should you be worried about internal infiltration? Yes, because past or disgruntled employees could find their way into accounts and profiles of management and leak information out to a media organization and or rival companies.

It’s important to utilize identity management services that can monitor your system for suspicious activity. They provide around the clock monitoring, give you real-time alerts, and resolve issues as and when they arise. They also give you tips on how to enhance your opportunities over time. Single-login systems are required for C level employees so that no one else can access their machines even if it’s to use their own account. The computer only knows one person, thus other employees cannot try to ‘back door’ the system.

Locks and Keycards

All kinds of business utilize physical security locking systems. Even grocery stores keep their office doors locked as this is where the money is counted and stored. However, businesses need to have a multi-level lock and keycard system. For certain zones in the business where there is cutting edge technology being designed or created, you need to implement a keycard system. Keycard locks are an affordable yet effective way to keep various parts of your business away from prying eyes and burglars. Only authorized and cleared employees will have access to such zones making them perfect places to conduct secret operations such as testing products and filing financial performance reports. 

When you shut off for the night, having multiple locks on your doors really does help to deter or at least slowdown burglars. Using two different locks on the front door is pretty much standard practice these days. However, utilizing automatic locking doors upon them shutting really helps to have an ‘open and forget’ policy for employees. They don’t need to physically lock it themselves every time they open it, it simply uses a magnetic locking system that is wired to your alarm system. 



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