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4 Tips For Keeping Your Stuff Safe During A Move

Whether you plan to move abroad or to the next town over, relocating is challenging and can be stressful. It entails having to find a mover, choosing a date, taking time off work, packing, and keeping yourself and your family sane and healthy during the process. One of the more difficult parts of moving to another place is the actual packing itself. It’s tedious and can be worrisome if you have delicate and cherished items you don’t want to lose. I know from experience that when you get tired, packing can go downhill in terms of neatness and security. Grandma’s dishes might not survive that. So how can this be avoided? Here are a few tips for keeping your stuff safe during a move.

Make a Plan

Before you put one single thing in a box or crate, create a packing/moving plan that can be followed easily by the whole family and even movers. You decide what you want done, where things will go, and what you don’t need. List out what absolutely can’t be lost or broken in transit. Make notes about where you have put crucial items that you need the first day after the physical move. Do this even though you mark the boxes.

Additionally, assign jobs to everyone, so they know what to do and when to do it. If you are using movers, make sure they understand what’s important to you and how they can best serve you. Stay on top of them if they don’t seem to be following your written plan.

Work Slowly and with Care

When it comes to packing, we can daydream about having it done quickly and getting back to life. That said, the words quick, rushed, and just-get-it-done are not going to serve you in the long run. Yeah, you might get some extra sleep or free time, but you could also lose some of your valuable possessions along the way.  You want to move with care from beginning to end. Additionally, packing and moving can also take a toll on your body. Taking extra caution for your stuff and your health is the best advice I can give you.  Sure, you can hire a removalist or movers, but they don’t pack unless you pay extra…a lot extra. That said, in some circumstances, paying to have the whole thing done professionally is best. 

Use Quality Packing Materials

I know it’s tempting to just use flimsy cardboard boxes and newspaper you have in the garage, but I highly recommend that you use new materials, especially for a long move. At least examine all boxes, containers, and packing for its integrity before using. It’s true that cardboard is significantly more eco-friendly, but there are some limits to cardboard. If cardboard gets water damaged, it loses integrity. Plus, if you’re carrying heavy items, breakage is more likely. Heavier items will need extra-strength tape to keep boxes firm and contents inside. Not to mention, the life of a box doesn’t last that long either, and they’re more inclined to mold in moist conditions.

So, what are the alternatives? You could use plastic containers/crates that have lids. While there is more than enough debate around about how harmful to the environment these are, you don’t need to feel pressured to outright purchase these. You can ask friends and family if they have any you could borrow. And, there are services that rent out sturdy plastic boxes for customers to use for things such as moving. This is a more sustainable method that has been proven to work beautifully.

Use a Safe or Locked Box

If you have important paperwork, files, IDs, or something expensive and priceless such as jewelry, then a safety deposit box might be the best option. These will protect your items from getting damaged, stolen, or lost in transit. You can also keep a small safe or box with you as you travel to your new destination. As an extra precaution consider photographing your valuables to have evidence of their existence before you move.




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