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4 Tips For Meeting New People After A Breakup

Breakups can knock your confidence down to a low level and make you apprehensive about putting yourself back out there. After all, it is a form of grief that can wound deeply. Time is the best healer for getting through this process. That said if you’ve been through a breakup, and you’re ready to move on and meet new people, setting that emotional intention is the first step. As far as the physical steps, here are some tips for meeting new people after a breakup.

Take Inspiration from Your Hobbies

We all know that having things in common with a partner is a good starting point for connecting. If you’re looking to date again after a breakup, take inspiration from your hobbies. Simply engaging in your interests can help you to find like-minded souls in environments where you feel comfortable and relaxed. From art, exercise, and cooking classes to music gigs or running or hiking clubs, why not try to expand your social circle through your hobbies and passions? Look for details of clubs, classes, events, or activities you can get involved in online, and make friends along with you for moral support if you’re worried about flying solo. 

Look for Singles Events

It can be difficult to meet people, especially if all your friends are in long-term relationships or you don’t have much time to socialize. One way to find singles in your local area is to look for events. You could go speed dating, get tickets for singles parties, or even just go for coffee with a group of single people living in the same town or city. Singles events are a great way to make new friends, as well as meet potential romantic interests. 

Ask Your Friends to Introduce You

If you’re finding it hard to meet new people, and you’re not keen on dating sites or apps, consider asking your friends or work colleagues to introduce you to their single friends. When you date friends of friends, you can more easily go on the date with peace of mind that you’ll be safe. Additionally, you may also have information that can help you start conversations or find common ground. 

Take the Pressure Off

Dating after a breakup can be tough, especially if you put pressure on yourself to find the perfect partner as quickly as possible. Try to take the pressure off by taking your time and choosing settings or activities that make you feel relaxed. I recommend simply being yourself and opening up to possibilities all around you. After all, you could meet a new best friend or soulmate just by going to the grocery store. This type of organic meeting is more than possible if your heart is open. If you do get a date and find the idea of going out for a romantic dinner terrifying, why not go bowling, go for a walk in the park or take a trip to the zoo instead? Just be you, and don’t think that dating has to go a certain way to be real or valuable. 

Be Curious

One of the best things you can do after a breakup is to meet more people and expand your social circle. Meeting new people and making new friends is a great way to take advantage of the opportunity that comes with dating again. It can also help you get over any insecurities in general. Socializing and even dating is a chance for you to go out and have fun, relax, and enjoy the company of new people.

You might also note that taking this step will give you insights into the issues of your past relationship. Perhaps you were so focused on the past relationship that you gave up your hobbies and friendships. 

Be Honest with Yourself

Whether you’ve just ended a relationship or you’ve been single for a while, you’re probably going to feel different emotions on your first date after a breakup. If you haven’t dealt with anything from the past, these feelings could be a bit overwhelming. However, remember, this is temporary. Know that it’s okay to process emotions you had buried inside. The process of dating after a breakup starts with self-awareness. It’s up to you to decide whether you are ready to move forward in love or not.

Try journaling about your feelings, fears, and what you truly want from a partner. Bulk Spiral Notebooks are great for recording all of it. I use a large one for healing and journaling. You can also talk to a trusted family member or friend about anything that needs clearing up.

Breakups can take their toll on us emotionally, and it can be difficult to get back to life, let alone dating. If you’re ready to meet new people, try to make dating fun, use your hobbies and interests to expand your social circle, look for details of singles events and ask your friends to set you up with their single friends or colleagues. 

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