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5 Important Steps Before Selling A Business

Running a business can be tricky, but if you put in the effort and time, hopefully, it turns out the way you hoped it would. However, you might find that the business is no longer enjoyable to run or even as profitable as you dreamed it would be.

As a result, you might consider selling your business in the future so you can get a fresh start at something different. If you’re planning to sell, it’s vital to follow some important steps.

#1: Don’t forget to run your business

Don’t neglect your company during the sales process as it could end up decreasing the value.

#2: Get a valuation for your business as early as possible

A valuation will help you get a better understanding of how much your business is currently worth and what you can do to increase its value before a sale. Below, we’ve added a brilliant infographic that will show you the key to business valuation. 

Infographic: North

#3: Identify your buyers

Think about the different types of buyers and focus on marketing the sale of your business to those audiences to increase your chances of selling.

#4: Disclose everything when writing up documentation about your business

You never want to leave anything hidden. Make sure you disclose all the information about your business to give your buyers a better understanding of your company before they consider buying.

#5: Consider what could make your business more attractive

Once you identify your buyers, think about what could make your company more attractive. For instance, an investor will likely be looking for financials and profits, whereas a merger offer might look for talented employees and ways to repurpose existing manufacturing processes and tools.


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