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4 Top Business Tasks To Automate

Running a business takes a lot of your time and mental focus. Challenge is inevitable, but there’s no rule that says you can’t try to lessen the load. Automating some of the processes of your business can save you and your employees time, allowing you to work on new projects and focus on expanding your business.

Of course, your business has intimate areas that require direct attention from you or your employees. However, those time-consuming daily tasks that can be done automatically are perfect to shift over to systems that take you out of the daily grind. Consider these business tasks to automate.

Email Contact

There are times when your customers don’t necessarily need to receive an email that comes directly from you or one of your employees. If you’ve ever bought something online and had to input your email, you’ve likely received a selection of emails from that service.

First of all, it’s the confirmation of purchase that gives you comfort, knowing your order was received and is being processed. These emails are always automated, and not something you should consider doing yourself. Of course, you need the required software to get that running optimally, but it’s worth it; especially when your business starts to grow.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is something to definitely automate if it would serve your business. Have you ever had those emails from eCommerce businesses trying to tell you about new deals they have available to you? Or emails letting you know that you still have items left in your basket? These are things that businesses set up to go out to their customers whenever they meet the requirement in order to encourage them to return to their business. It’s an effective marketing process and something that can take care of itself without extensive attention.

Another form of email marketing can come from sending your mailing list consistent emails written by you. These are normally more personal and have something to do with what you’re promoting. Though this does require some time and attention on your part, the personal touch can go a long way in retaining current customers and clients.


A small business that produces its own products has no choice but to handle things on a small scale. That said, as you grow as a business, automating parts or all of this process could improve your production and bottom line. There are companies that could help you when it comes to building automation and control systems specifically for your type of business and products.

Social Media Marketing

Fortunately, you don’t have to constantly monitor your social media for it to effectively run and grow an audience. There are apps made to help with posting at certain times. This helps you to show up more frequently and consistently-a desire many business owners have. Some businesses also have their accounts automatically respond to messages whenever the business is mentioned or tagged in a post.

As social media is something that requires constant interaction to get the attention of potential customers, you’ll want to have these automated messages go out in addition to personal posts and engagement.

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