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4 Ways To Make Your Company An Appealing Place To Work

Employing qualified, happy workers are a key component to running a successful business. They are the people who tackle the daily tasks to keep your company running smoothly. To get (and keep) the best employees, there are a few important things to consider doing to make your company an appealing place to work. Here are some ideas!

Make Your Company an Appealing Place to Work #1: Get Rid of Official Work Hours

Axing regular hours might sound counterproductive as a business owner, but it makes sense if you think about it. Big companies across the globe like Netflix have already put this to the test with great results. They track the work that’s done rather than the hours, meaning if they complete their tasks in less time they get the rest of the time off. Of course, you absolutely need the right employees to be able to do this. You need to know they are thorough and hardworking and won’t rush through their work. Spending time during the recruiting stage is a smart move, carefully interviewing applicants and finding out what kind of skills and experience they have. Follow up on references from past jobs so you can see if they are genuinely hardworking.

Make Your Company an Appealing Place to Work #2: Bump Up the Benefits

As well as offering a good salary based on the applicant’s experience, employee benefits make your company a more attractive place to work. My husband once took a job at a company that had horrible health benefits that cost a fortune. The money we spent on insurance basically ate up his entire salary raise. The cost was not painted accurately from the beginning. This is not a good situation. Unfortunately, many companies don’t pay attention to these things or simply don’t care. Don’t be that business.

Quality, affordable health and disability plans, dental and retirement plans are as valuable today as the paycheck employees receive each week.  In fact, job seekers weigh the benefits into their decisions to go with a company or not. Even additional benefits like a company car and smartphone are becoming factors. Not only do these things make employees feel valued and give them security, but they can also help you snag the best workers.

Make Your Company an Appealing Place to Work #3: Know the Competition Well

It makes sense to know your competitors and what they offer to their staff. This goes for salary and benefit packages. Keep up on industry news and try to stay above average for your type of business. You also need to know how your competition fairs in the market. For example, if you are in the furniture business, read online reviews at places like Joybird to get an idea about what positive and negative experiences customers and employees have. That way you know what to avoid and what to aim for in your own company.

Make Your Company an Appealing Place to Work #4: Allow Employees to Work Remotely

If your employees work from a computer most of the day, it could make sense to let them work remotely, at least for some days. This can boost employee happiness and give them a good reason to stay at your company longer. It could even boost productivity since your employees are less likely to call in sick. Additionally, things like bad weather, late public transport and broken down cars aren’t an issue when your employees are working from their own homes.

A few simple changes can make a huge difference to workflow and employee happiness. Work out what would be best for your business and trial a few areas to see if it’s a success for you. As a business owner, what do you do to make your company appealing to prospective and present employees?

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