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4 Ways To Rock Your Special Man’s Birthday

When we all work so hard throughout the year, special occasions like birthdays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate. A chance to let your hair down, and either treat (or be treated) to a perfect day. If your male significant other has a birthday coming up, and you’re looking for fun ways to mark the occasion, here are 4 ways to rock his birthday!

Rock Your Special Man’s Birthday #1: Gifts

Chances are you’ve been racking your brains for weeks, even months trying to decide on a gift. Maybe a physical gift doesn’t seem right, perhaps he’s not a material person, or maybe he already owns everything he wants. If so, experience days make unique gifts for men. Most are valid for twelve months, so it’s something he could book and enjoy at his convenience. Alternatively, you could arrange for the experience day on his birthday. Other gift ideas include concert or sports tickets or you could even arrange a mini break and jet off somewhere fun for a few days together.

Rock Your Special Man’s Birthday #2: Cake

No one is ever too old for a birthday cake! You could either go rustic and make one yourself or head down to your local bakery and look at available designs. If you’re celebrating with lots of other family and friends, make sure to choose a large enough cake. Supermarkets often have nice ones, too, while most will be children’s party cakes you’re sure to find something a little nicer for a good price.

Rock Your Special Man’s Birthday #3: Dining

A special occasion, like a birthday, calls for a stellar meal. If you’re an awesome cook (or perhaps are looking to do things on more of a budget) why not cook something from scratch? You could find a recipe online or in a cookbook and prepare a meal with a nice bottle of wine to complement it. Alternatively, if you’d rather have everything taken care of, book a table at a restaurant you’ve both had your eye on. Either way, a delicious meal, dessert, and cocktails will get the party started.

Rock Your Special Man’s Birthday #4: Entertainment

If your man is lucky enough to have a birthday on the weekend this year, you have the whole day to celebrate! So why not arrange some fun things to do during the day? You could go to a theme park, or go shopping. You could visit a local tourist attraction, go ice skating or bowl a few games. If there’s a movie at the cinema that he wants to see, why not go? Even if it’s not the kind of thing you would ordinarily watch, accompanying him will speak volumes. If you’re planning an entire day, I recommend that you make a plan, so you’re not double booking yourself, or waiting around for ages between activities.

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