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4 Ways To Effectively Relax Without Taking A Vacation

Though I would guess most women enjoy taking vacations, they are not always possible due to time or money restrictions. However, even if you cannot get away, it’s important to find ways to relax while at home or close by. This is especially true right now as we are all facing the challenges of the pandemic and financial strain. Fortunately, changing your thoughts and mindset around relaxation could be the key to making it happen anywhere you are. Take a look at these simple ways to effectively relax without taking a vacation.

Switch Up Your Views

Don’t underestimate how much changing your scenery can boost your mood and sense of peace. I have always valued shifting my perspective, even if it’s simply rearranging the furniture or doing work in other areas of the office or home. Furthermore, getting around natural scenery or in nature has a calming effect in itself. If you aren’t able to get outside due to location or weather, bring in some plants, nature sounds, and the aromas of the sea or woods.

Believe it or not, environmental psychology is a current (and growing) field of study that deals with the relationship of humans to the world around them and how it affects their emotions, thoughts, and actions. For example, according to Psychology Today, “researchers have found evidence that time in natural environments can boost one’s sense of well-being and may lower blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol.”

Switch Up Your Routine

While we are on the topic of switching things up, you can also apply this same strategy to your daily routine. Though schedules and routines are good for keeping structure and organization, sometimes they cause more harm than good. Making changes to your daily routine can do wonders for stress levels and your mood, especially if you are overworked and overbooked.

A change could bring a renewed sense of focus, as well as a little needed peace. This is likely why actually going on vacation helps you to relax and feel happier in general. So, the key here is to find ways to do just that without leaving your town. I recommend trying various things until you find what works for you. Perhaps going for a walk early in the morning or spending extra time with your loved ones could be your magic change. It’s also important to not swing too far in the opposite direction too quickly, as you might feel out of sorts from the sudden changes.

Ease into changes gradually, and keep track of how you feel as you do it. If it causes you more stress to move things around, you might be doing too much. This can be the case for women who are very structured and thrive on routine. Be kind to yourself and listen to what your body and intuition tell you on a daily basis.

Take a Technology Break

If you are willing and able to take a tech break, it is good to unplug for, at least, a part of each day. Stepping away from your devices is a perfect way to give yourself a break from extra EMFs and the mental strain that being so connected can bring. Start by delegating a portion of your day to do nothing or simply setting your phone aside or shutting it off. If you must be available, give work, kids, and others a heads up when you plan to shut down. I have also taken social media breaks that seem to refresh my spirit and relax my mind. Again, do what is best for you and your lifestyle.

Learn to Say “No”

Because overbooking yourself can lead to overwork, stress, and even poor health, it’s important to know your limits and stick to them. Know that one reason why some women can’t say no is that they believe that they will lose control. For example, having to do all the household chores when there are others who are perfectly capable of helping. This scenario can also happen at work, especially if you’re the boss.

Constantly being on the go might feel productive, but, over time, it can lead to discomfort and stress. A part of being responsible for well-being is knowing when to step back and allow others to take care of things. Another key is being consistent with purposefully resting by taking mental breaks throughout the day. I like to listen to music or a guided meditation when I feel overwhelmed.


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