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4 Ways To Empower Employees Working From Home

Because the pandemic has changed how businesses operate, some companies have been forced to make cutbacks. This ranges from laying off workers to seeking alternative means to fulfill essential roles within the company, like opting for Human Resource Outsourcing instead of funding an in-house team to handle payroll, recruitment, etc. Other changes include instilling social distancing protocols and moving physical businesses to strictly online to keep employees and customers safe. 

Additionally, remote working has been another option many companies have not adopted before 2020. But, since the outbreak, working from home has become the go-to solution to keep the workforce and company protected. However, as more workers are being asked to set up a home office, a new set of challenges has emerged for business owners. 

For instance, without social interaction and the buzz of an inspiring workplace, keeping employees motivated and empowered from a distance is difficult, leading staff to feel isolated and unmotivated. Both of which cause unhappy employees whose productivity levels are likely to plummet. Here are a few ways to empower employees working from home.

Recognize Their Effort

Keep in mind, as employees adjust to working from home, project deadlines and targets may not be met as efficiently as they were before. For the employees who have tried their hardest to make the changes work, make sure to recognize and reward their efforts.

While some managers may overlook employees unless they achieve targets, others seek to nurture each individual’s efforts to empower them to continue doing their best. This approach is even more imperative to empower home-workers. It shows you believe in your staff, and it can make a positive difference to a worker’s performance and confidence while working remotely.

Create Virtual Teams

To motivate and empower employees, it’s essential to provide them with various opportunities to socialize and connect with their colleagues. One suggestion is to bring your staff together by creating virtual teams to complete projects. Team projects require regular interaction via email, phone, and video calls, which will prevent employees from feeling isolated and keep the social aspect of work alive.  

Take Time to Listen 

Pep talks and praise are essential from management, but listening is just as important for an individual’s job satisfaction, as well as overall company morale. Taking the time to listen to your employees’ needs, while working at home, enables you to aid them in their transition.

For example, after listening to the marketing manager, you now understand that their reduced performance is due to their back pain caused by using a chair from home to work instead of the ergonomic chairs provided in the office. Their pain is affecting their ability to fulfill their role.

Here lies an opportunity for management to solve a simple problem that will make a world of difference to a valuable employee. Listening intently to worker’s issues, like the example above, enables you to find viable solutions.

Delegate New Tasks

Giving employees new tasks can add challenge and develop their skill level. New opportunities stimulate the mind and engage positive thoughts and brain processes. Adding new essential tasks to your employee’s workday will thrust your employees into action and help them feel empowered to work from home. This will, in turn, help them to feel important and enable them to motivate themselves more easily.

Finding new ways to empower your employees to work from home throughout the winter and beyond is essential to keep employees happy and thriving. Without consistent time, effort, creativity, and tenacity, they won’t be able to do their jobs effectively. It is your responsibility to create a plan that will empower your staff and continue on a path to meet your business goals. 


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