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4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Higher Education

Some people believe that all they have to do is get a degree and they will have success in life. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. A college degree is no guarantee of a happy, abundant life. If fact, many people with a college education find it just as difficult to find a good job as those who don’t. Furthermore, many of those graduates are left with an immense debt from tuition and other expenses associated with there education. I do, however, believe there are some things to do in order to get the most out of higher education. Let’s take a look at just a few.

Choose a Major You’re Passionate About

While you should think about getting a return on your education investment, it’s just as important to choose a course of study you love and are passionate about. This will keep you motivated and doing your best throughout the process.

For example, getting a degree in the legal field at a place like Hofstra University may lead you to a profitable career upon graduation. However, if you’re heart is into art or fashion, you could end up with regret and much frustration down the road. 

I recommend weighing out the pros and cons of each path you’re considering. It might benefit you to take some time to think about things before you jump in. This goes for both young people right out of high school and those who are considering going back to school later in life.

Commit To Your Goals But Be Flexible

A major factor that separates those who achieve great things in their lives, from those who don’t, is that the high-achievers have mastered the skill of self-discipline and commitment. The truth is, if you don’t have the ability to commit to something fully, you have to ask, “Why am I doing this?” Think through anything that is troubling you or causing hesitation. Be flexible with yourself through this process. You may just need to tweak some of your goals and the way you meet them.

Enjoy The Experience

The old saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” has such a prominent place in culture for a reason. It is simply the case that if you are always hustling, grinding, and working, but are never having fun, socializing, or “playing,” there will be gaps in your life satisfaction.

A major factor in life success is allowing ourselves to live fully and feel everything. Truthfully, learning how to balance fun and work helps us to get on with our lives after school in a way that brings us the most joy.

Make Connections

Just as you hang out with friends and have fun while you’re at college, do also consider making potential professional connections even before you graduate. Depending on the degree you’re working on, there may be recruiters poised to discover your talent. There are also networking events designed to get you on the radar of different companies.

Overall, getting a college education, no matter how old you are, can help you to live a fuller life. It may open up opportunities in a career but also in learning more about who you are and want to be. Whatever you do, take learning seriously and do it for reasons that serve your life and dreams.


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Madeline is a mid-west mom of three who spends most of her time refilling ice trays and changing toilet paper...just kidding. She is a high school guidance counselor, all around funny gal, and a writer. Her first book, Be Happy Already!", is in the works.

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