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4 Ways To Make Getting Healthy Easier

Many believe that living a fit and healthy lifestyle is about giving up what you love to eat and do in order to reach a perfect version of yourself. On the contrary, being healthy has more implications than a surface goal of how you look. The truth is, this isn’t the thing that generally allows us to stick to a health plan. In order to enjoy better success, I believe it’s necessary to dig a little deeper into the emotional components of being healthy.

The other thing is to set yourself up for success by knowing what you truly want to feel and experience. As in all areas of life, it’s important to plumb the depths of your motivation and take the appropriate steps to reach your goals. Understand that there are ways to help yourself achieve this type of health. Let’s take a look at how you might make things a little easier.

Set Up A Morning Routine

Setting up a morning routine can help you not only feel good about yourself but develop serving habits that will stay with you for a lifetime. Make this routine one that feels good and works for your lifestyle. You want to look forward to waking up every morning so you can treat yourself with respect and loving care. Consider including actions that incorporate body, mind, and spirit to bring on a balanced state that will carry you through your day. 

Use Tracking Apps

Using tracking apps can assist in keeping track of details that are important to your goals. This is especially true if you aren’t exactly a structured woman who enjoys sticking to lists and programs. An easy glance at your phone can be your best friend when you feel stressed or forget what you’re supposed to be doing. 

For example, MyFitnessPal and its associated apps MapMyWalk or MapMyRun, you can scan and track the calories you intake each day as well as track how far and how frequently you walk. That can make a tremendous difference in keeping you motivated and on track for goals.

Other apps, like Zero, help you track your daily intermittent fasting efforts. As you can see, no matter what diet or exercise niche or practice you hope to follow, there are like-minded people out there offering professional tracking solutions. I recommend looking at various apps to find the ones that fit your goals and needs. 

Pre-Plan and Prepare

It’s no secret that life can get hectic, and we all know which areas normally take the hit…yeah, mom’s fitness, self-care, and health. I find that pre-planning meals is especially helpful for a family that has a busy lifestyle. Emergency meal kits can come in handy for stressful times, emergencies, and even when you are simply exhausted. Do your weekly food and fitness prep as much as you can over the weekend to prepare for anything that comes up during the course of your week.

Enjoy the Process

Curating a healthy lifestyle is something that takes time, focus, and patience. And, one of the keys to success is enjoying the process. This makes it feel less like a chore and more like something you look forward to. Enjoyment comes when you have your heart and head in the right place. That means making sure your reasons for doing it are worth the effort and will lead to the fulfillment you truly desire.

The awesome part about enjoying something is that you rarely have to force yourself to do it, even if it’s tough. It’s why people get up at 5 am in the summer to do a spot of gardening, or why they train for marathons, or why they cultivate their hobbies. 

So, what do you enjoy? How can you fold that into a healthy lifestyle? Perhaps you love meditation, so why not try yoga? Maybe you miss dancing. Well, it’s never too late to make some changes or get back to something you once enjoyed. 


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Madeline is a mid-west mom of three who spends most of her time refilling ice trays and changing toilet paper...just kidding. She is a high school guidance counselor, all around funny gal, and a writer. Her first book, Be Happy Already!", is in the works.

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